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You Better Be Working 16 Hours A Day

Did Mona Weiss really tell Robert Herjavec “You better be working 16 Hours a Day” right after he offered them $175,000 for fifty percent of Eco Nuts? Yes, she did… Talk about a blunder, but that wasn’t the first. Mona’s business partner and fiance, Scott Weiss started the pitch, telling the Sharks how great the […]

Freaking Excited Freaker Show

Zach Crain is Freaking Excited about Freaker, he asks Robert for a Wooop! He wants $200,000 for 10%, making his business worth $2,000,000. His business generated $320,000 in sales over the last 13 months in 200 stores. The Sharks are entertained by Zach, but they don’t seem that Freaking Excited about the stretch Koozie that […]

The Social Shark on FuzziBunz, PostureNow, RockBands & Liz Lovely

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Social Shark, where I critique Shark Tank entrepreneurs’ social media profiles. Social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to a business website, engaging customers, and making potential new customers aware of your business’ products and/or services. My name is Stephanie Lichtenstein, also known as “MicroSteph;” […]

Social Media for Shark Tank Entrepreneurs The Social Shark

          Social media should be in the Shark Tank! Welcome to The Social Shark, a new feature on The Shark Tank Blog where I will give video critiques and tips to each Shark Tank entrepreneur who appears on the show. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stephanie Lichtenstein. I […]

Scott Jordan Talks Episode 401

Scott Jordan, The 6t Shark on Shark Tank Episode 401 Overall, I think the episode was very good. It made great TV. I’ve changed my format slightly from last week to address specific issues on each segment. Let me know what you think. I’m excited to watch the Emmy’s on Sunday night and keeping my […]

Shark Tank Season Premiere September 14th

The much awaited season premiere of the longest Shark Tank season ever launches on Friday, September 14th, 2012. The show will include part-time Shark Lori Greiner who appeared as a guest on the previous season and comes back as a regular this season. This season of Shark Tank is sure to be more exciting than […]

Latest Investor Updates

We have the latest investor updates starting with The New York Post reporting that Barbara Corcoran is selling one of her five houses (She’s only been at the house 3 days in the last seven years) and suggests that she could use the proceeds to make investments on upcoming Shark Tank episodes. Investor Updates – […]


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Shark Tank | Real World Experience

Many people who watch Shark Tank, ABC’s hit show, ask how sensationalized the negotiations are on the show. Entrepreneurs who don’t have an outcome the way they want, often suggest that the show is over sensationalized and does not necessarily show reality. I have stepped into the Shark Tank on more than one occasion, not […]

Pork Barrel BBQ Shark Tank Update

Pork Barrel BBQ gives us a Shark Tank update on tonight’s show. The two Entrepreneurs, Heath Hall and Brett Thompson have been busy growing their brand and business. I’m seeing some of the best Shark Tank Marketing Strategies using YouTube and other social media outlets to draw attention to their products. Heath Hall and Brett […]

Meeting Barbara Corcoran in Person

Recently, I caught up with Barbara Corcoran before she was to give the keynote speech at the Iowa Women’s Conference. She’s not politically correct, but as straightforward and as honest as your best friend should be. “Find 10 real estate brokers and give them your product in exchange for giving you honest feedback” is the […]

Tail Lightz Kyle Rainey after Shark tank

Tail Lightz inventor, Kyle Rainey, entered the Shark Tank to pitch his invention, a light up device that fits on jeans pockets. He didn’t fare well with Shark Tank Investors, as they quickly went out on his deal. The Shark Tank investors felt that Kyle Rainey’s Tail Lightz designs looked dated and not likely to […]

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Robert Herjavec Deal

I would have never thought Robert Herjavec would have invested in Chord Buddy but Travis Perry scored a Shark Tank deal and even got Robert to come up sing with him. Chord Buddy is a device that Travis Perry designed to fit on the neck of a guitar so that anyone can learn how to […]

Original Runner Company Update

The Original Runner Company is a Shark Tank favorite where Julie Goldman gets a bit “feisty” with the Sharks according to previews of the show. She’s strong, but well liked by Shark Tank fans who watched the first run of the show. Since that time, the show is now getting another re-run and were happy […]

A Perfect Pear Susan Knapp Shark Tank Update

Susan Knapp, founder of A Perfect Pear scored a Shark Tank deal with Robert Herjavec and Kevin Harrington. She came in asking for $500,00 for just 15% of the company on $700,000 in sales. A Perfect Pear faced a common problem many small businesses face. The company had orders for $100,000 worth of product and the […]

LifeBelt Robert Allison Shark Tank Update

LifeBelt founder, Robert Allison, made his pitch on Shark Tank for $500,000 in funding to produce his seatbelt safety function, ensuring the driver has their seatbelt on. His device keeps automobiles from starting without wearing the seatbelt. The Shark Tank investors loved LifeBelt, but backed off due to Robert Allison’s vision and strategy.   They wanted […]

Where is Johnson Bailey & Original Man Candles?

The Shark Tank investors felt Johnson Bailey’s, Original Man Candle company offered to little upside because it was one product, and they just didn’t see the opportunity to build a company. Johnson Bailey kept the Original Man Candles company going, after all, he did win an Entrepreneurial Award from Oklahoma State for his business plan. He […]

Crooked Jaw Shark Tank Follow Up

Craig French, founder of Crooked Jaw clothing landed an opportunity to pitch the Shark Tank investors. He made an impact as all the Sharks liked him personally, but with only $5,000 in sales, the company didn’t have the proof that investors look for. He attended his first trade show and didn’t come home with any […]

April 13th, 2012 Post Show

What a crazy night, not a single deal, in fact, even some crazy people. The Sullivan Generator is a wild case for the imagination. This guy comes in saying he can make Gold out of a fake hurricane. In fact, he says hurricanes create gold. He also said he sews leather goods, including skirts, purses […]

Copa Di Vino Shark Tank Preview

Copa Di Vino Entrepreneur,  James Martin, gets one more chance to put a deal together with the Shark Tank Investors. Will the Shark Tank investors eat him alive or are they going to step up and offer him another deal? Chances are, he gets offered a deal again. The last time, Kevin O’Leary asked James […]

WiSpots Kevin Flannery After Shark Tank

The Series Premiere of Shark Tank featured Kevin Flannery and WiSpots. Kevin leveraged his personal assets and his family assets before approaching the Sharks for investment. Kevin sees this sign of commitment as a strong characteristic. Unfortunately, that strong character trait also can be a huge weakness, which is the case for Kevin. Investors want […]

AVA The Elephant & Tiffany Krumins

AVA The Elephant creator and founder, Tiffany Krumins scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran giving her $50,000 for 55% of the company. She’s got an amazing product that is simple but makes a huge impact on many lives. Tiffany Krumins understands the value of AVA The Elephant to parents and children. She’s got it down […]

College Foxes Packing Boxes

College Foxes Packing Boxes appeared in Shark Tank Season 1 with a unique business model that spun off another popular business, College Hunks Hauling Junk. Entrepreneurs, Nick Friedman & Omar Soliman pitched their new idea to the Sharks looking for an investment, but what I really think they came for was publicity. It’s clear that their […]

Success Characteristics

Shark Tank success stories share common characteristics. Success is not determined during the show, it’s after the show that counts.  Many of the Entrepreneurs who don’t get deals end up sharing in the after-the-show success stories. Chef Big Shake is a perfect example. So what is it that we see in the success stories, and […]

CBS Chef Big Shake on ABC Shark Tank

CBS Chef Big Shake is on ABC’s Shark Tank tonight in a re-run of the original episode that aired in season two. His original Shrimp Burger didn’t get the deal, even though Daymond John connected with the Chef. He walked away with no deal on the show but has been doing great ever since. You […]

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