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The Social Shark on FuzziBunz, PostureNow, RockBands & Liz Lovely

Social Media for Shark Tank EntrepreneursHello and welcome to another edition of The Social Shark, where I critique Shark Tank entrepreneurs’ social media profiles. Social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to a business website, engaging customers, and making potential new customers aware of your business’ products and/or services.

My name is Stephanie Lichtenstein, also known as “MicroSteph;” I am entrepreneur myself and owner of a boutique social media company called Micro Media Marketing. I specialize in Social Media and work with niche markets such as e-commerce companies, start-ups, celebrities, and hispanic brands. We are your outsourced social media management company that can also train your in-house team, whatever works best to fit your social media marketing needs. I am also a HUGE Shark Tank fan and I think all entrepreneurs can learn from what happens on the show.

 Shark Tank Social Media Projects

Thanks to Rob and Kirk (and the Shark Tank Blog), I have an opportunity to work with a past Shark Tank entrepreneur setting up their social media profiles in a professional, effective way. I will be re-doing all their profiles and setting them up for maximum customer engagement. Once that’s done, I will be training them on how to best utilize their social media going forward. If any other Shark Tank entrepreneurs need help with this aspect of their online presence, or if you own a business and want to use social media for your business better, contact us here.

I am also building the Social Media profiles for the Shark Tank Blog, so please be sure to check out and “like” the Shark Tank Blog Facebook Page to keep updated on everything you need and want to know about Shark Tank. You can follow the Shark Tank Blog on Twitter @sharktankblogr so you can live tweet with us every show night.

This “episode” of The Social Shark looks at FuzziBunz, PostureNow, RockBands, and Liz Lovely from episode 403. I have made four short videos where I take a quick look at the social media profiles of each entrepreneur and offer suggestions as to how they can use social media more effectively. Any entrepreneur can benefit from implementing these suggestions, so give them a look.

Episode 403 Social Media Videos








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