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PC Classes Online FREE!

David Cox didn’t get a deal with the Sharks when he pitched in episode 408, but he is now offering his PC Classes Online FREE!! David revealed in a follow-up video that his Real Mac Guru business took off after his appearance. Since then, he’s been criss crossing the country, giving corporate training sessions on Mac […]

Sub Zero Update

While in Sarasota, Florida recently, we took a little time off the beach at Siesta Key to grab some food and we ended up getting a bit of a Sub Zero update. Sub Zero Ice Cream, the business that appeared in Shark Tank episode 414, had a franchise there, so we checked it out. The […]

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Entrepreneur Michael DeSanti brings his squirrel proof bird feeder, called Squirrel Boss, to Shark Tank episode 421. DeSanti is a former aerospace pro who loves the outdoors – and birds. Like a lot of people who keep bird feeders out, he hated wasting money on bird food to feed squirrels. The little buggers are the bane […]

May Sweeps

May Sweeps month will soon be upon us and ABC is loaded for Shark on Friday nights! The two-episode, Shark Tank season 4 finale airs on May 17 and in the weeks leading up to that, fans will be treated to double dose of Shark Tank with re-runs at 8 PM EST and a new […]

Megan Gage Hot Tot Update Interview

Megan Gage got a deal for Hot Tot, her kids hair care products in Shark Tank episode 412. Mark Cuban offered $75K for 40% of the company. The deal went through as portrayed on the show and Megan has been hard at work building the Hot Tot brand. I caught up with Megan Gage to […]

Steve Sashen and Lena Phoenix Xero Shoes Interview

Steve Sashen and his wife, Lena Phoenix, were “happily retired” prior to starting XeroShoes (formerly Invisible Shoes) in December of 2009. Lena initially shot the idea down, but Steve stayed up all night making a website to sell XeroShoes and, like it or not, the Colorado couple was in the shoe-biz! I caught up with […]

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is a new, scientific spin on the ancient art of ice cream making. I remember a chemistry class in college where the professor froze stuff with liquid nitrogen and shattered it; the lecture had something to do with chemistry, but all I remember is the liquid nitrogen! Chemist and ice cream […]

Urban Vertical Garden by Urbio

Urbio was created as a solution for an urban vertical garden in small living spaces. Designers and entrepreneurs Beau Oyler and Jared Aller envisioned utilizing wall space for plants and herbs in smaller apartments, so they created Urbio as a stylish solution to the space issue and invented an easy way to start a vertical garden. […]

Thermal Energy Coffee Beans

I never heard of thermal energy coffee beans until Coffee Joulies (pronounced Coffee Jewelies) was announced as a business set to pitch to the Sharks in episode 414. Thermal energy coffee beans are stainless steel, coffee bean-shaped pellet. Encased inside the coffee beans are a “phase change material” (PCM) that is solid until it melts at […]

A New Way to Clean Stuffed Toys

As a father of five, I have certainly had to clean stuffed toys over the years. I like to joke that we have enough stuffed toys in our house to insulate the attic! We have Pokemon, Care Bears, Beanie Babies – you name the stuffed toy craze in the past 15-20 years and you can […]

Predicting the Million Dollar Offer

Here we go! My prediction for the Million Dollar Offer which I think will turn into the Million Dollar Deal. As you know, my business partner, Rob, does most of the predictions, but I couldn’t resist doing some trash talking. He’s got this one all wrong (read his post here). Personally, I think he’s into […]

Million Dollar Offer on Friday, January 4

A million dollar offer has a nice ring to it, especially if you are the recipient of such an offer in the Shark Tank! According to ABC’s PR machine, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner team up to make a million dollar offer in episode 412 on Friday, January 4, 2013. After nearly a month without […]

THE Table Top Food Screen

DURA Tent bills itself as “THE Table Top Food Screen.” It’s a novel idea that has been done before, but it hasn’t been done quite like this! I own a food screen designed to fit over a plate of fruit; it has a funny little hula girl for a handle and a fine mesh to keep […]

Kids Hair Care Products

Kids hair care products entrepreneur Megan Gage got concerned about nasty chemicals and over powering scents she found in her kids’ shampoo bottles. She wanted kids hair care products that were safe, natural, and chemical free, while still making her kids’ hair look “fabulous.” That’s how Hot Tot kids hair products was born. Megan, a […]

Drink n Game Video Game Beer Tap

ArKeg is the business that invites you to Drink n Game. This ultimate party accessory is an old school, arcade style video game cabinet with a secret: a fully functioning keg fridge with tap system included! Entrepreneurs Brant Myers and Dan Grimm are old friends who decided they wanted to combine their two favorite activities, […]

Temporary Peel Off Face Tattoos

Peel off face tattoos are entrepreneur Doug Marshall’s answer to the rather messy practice of face painting and they are the basis of The Game Face Company. Marshall will pitch the Sharks on the merits of face tattoos versus face painting in episode 412. Just about everyone has seen fans at sporting events with their […]

Update Segment Filmed for BuggyBeds

Every entrepreneur who appears on Shark Tank wants to have an update segment filmed; that means they’ve been successful. Maria Curcio and partner Veronica Periongo, the women who scored an investment from ALL FIVE Sharks in episode 402, are getting their update segment just a few months after their original air date. The Sharks invested in […]

Food Storage Pioneer Michael Tseng Interview

Becoming a food storage pioneer is the last thing medical student Michael Tseng had in mind when he entered Princeton University, but there he was, pitching his revolutionary Plate Topper on Shark Tank in episode 410 in what has become, for many, a lesson on how not to negotiate. Michael was portrayed as clueless, crass, […]

Leg Holder for Cell Phones

A business that makes a leg holder for cell phones enters the Shark Tank for episode 409, the “Holiday Special.” PartiePoche, pronounced “party posh,” is a product being brought to market by Connor Pastoor, Jillian Jaccard and “other investors.” Connor and Jillian are MBA students and believe their unique leg holder for cell phones will […]

Christmas Tree Rental Business

Christmas Tree Rental is a new twist on an old service concept. Entrepreneur Scott “Scotty Claus” Martin brings his Christmas Tree rental business, The Living Christmas Company, to the Shark Tank in episode 409, on Tuesday, December 4.  ABC picked a good business to highlight the holiday themed Shark Tank, appearing on Tuesday during the […]

Fudge Making Grandmother Cracks Up Sharks

Fudge Making Grandmother makes a holiday treat – there always seems to be some in our house at Christmas – so it is no surprise to see Donna McCue pitching her business, Fat Ass Fudge, in the Shark Tank in Holiday episode 409 on Tuesday, December 4. McCue was featured in a promo video as […]

Kids Play Space

When most people think of a kids play space, they think of a crowded, noisy place loaded with arcade games and climbing structures. The Coop is nothing like that. Entrepreneurs Juliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent will bring their sleek, modern, kids play space business, The Coop, into the Shark Tank on Tuesday, December 4 for […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Kirk and Rob

Thanksgiving is a day we as a nation give thanks for the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. It’s a time for family, homecomings, reunions, and reflection. This past year has been a wild ride here at the Shark Tank Blog, and both Kirk and I would like to send our warmest Thanksgiving wishes […]

Tie Try the Netflix of Ties

Tie Try, billed as the “Netflix of Ties,” takes a dip in the Shark Tank in episode 411. Entrepreneur Scott Tindle will pitch the Sharks on his business that, for a monthly subscription fee of $12 to $30, allows men to have a new tie sent to them to wear. When the ties are returned, […]

David Cox PC Classes Online Follow up

David Cox brought PC Classes Online into the Shark Tank last Friday. He hoped the Sharks would see the educational benefit of his online school to teach people how to use their computers, instead he got schooled by the Sharks, or should I say by the Shark Tank editors. I spoke to David last week […]