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PC Classes Online FREE!

PC Classes Online free

David Cox didn’t get a deal with the Sharks when he pitched in episode 408, but he is now offering his PC Classes Online FREE!! David revealed in a follow-up video that his Real Mac Guru business took off after his appearance. Since then, he’s been criss crossing the country, giving corporate training sessions on Mac products. Despite his Shark Tank “failure,” he’s found more success in his episode’s aftermath.

Why give away PC Classes Online free?

David explained to me that he was approached (ironically) by a group of five investors. They were opening up a bunch of stores around the country. “All five of them are serious Mac junkies,” David explained, “and they wanted me to set up all the technology in their stores. I put in a bid and was awarded three separate contracts to set up ALL the technology in a total of nine stores. I can set up the software and systems at home and go to the site to deploy everything.”

“We did very well with the contracts,’ he continued, “so we decided to do something completely out of the box and make PC Classes Online free to everyone.” In the short time he’s been offering PC Classes Online free, memberships have, understandably, skyrocketed. David sees his Mac Guru business as the real earner in the long run and hopes he’ll further his reputation and visibility as a top Mac consultant and teacher by providing PC Classes Online free.

Get started TODAY!

PC Classes Online is geared towards older folks who aren’t as intuitively comfortable with the world of tablets, smart phones, and PC’s. A recent study shows tech savvy seniors lead happier, more socially connected lives, so steer your parents and grandparents over to the PC Classes Online website to get them started on learning today’s technology.

It’s ironic that David, who received one of the nastier edits in season four, would gain so much business momentum for a business he didn’t pitch on the show. It allowed him to offer PC Classes Online free to all. The Sharks didn’t get a bite, but people who need to learn technology are the real winners.

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