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3 Tips for Settling Debates on What to Watch With Your Spouse

3 Tips for Settling Debates on What to Watch With Your Spouse

This is a Guest Post written by Jessica Heisler, a relationship expert. She likes helping couples resolve their differences by writing for relationship blogs. She also likes watching Shark Tank.

Because not everyone enjoys watching the same shows, watching television together as a couple can be a difficult task. If both people are especially set on watching certain shows or movies at certain times, tension can build and potentially become harmful. Fortunately, if you want to watch your shows and maintain the peace, here are 3 tips for settling debates on what to watch with your spouse:

Set up a schedule to watch certain shows or movies on specific days

One way that you can get along with your spouse when it comes to watching favorite shows is to organize a schedule. For example, if your spouse’s favorite show premieres on Wednesday at a certain time, the slot is reserved. However, this practice is only handy if both you and your spouse have a handful of favorite shows. If you both like to watch various shows at different times, it is very likely that the scheduling idea will not really work.

To help more with the scheduling method, you can use an ordinary calendar to mark shows in as a first-come, first-served basis. If someone claims a day or spot first according to the calendar, it should be given priority. To make sure that no one tries to be sneaky about it, you may want to use a marker or pen since pencils can easily be erased.

Get a DVR

A digital video recorder (DVR) is an electronic device or piece of software that allows consumers to record shows or movies even while watching something entirely different. It is an excellent way of catching up on shows that you have missed or just want to keep for watching again later.

If you and your spouse cannot work out a schedule for watching television, you can rely on a DVR to record any missed shows. By doing so, you will have the option to go back and watch what was recorded at a more convenient time. Luckily, many service provider packages, such as Comcast packages, include DVR as part of the experience.

Watch television in separate rooms

If you absolutely cannot come to an agreement with your spouse, you can try watching television in separate rooms. If you have different television sets, both you and your spouse will be able to watch your shows or movies in peace without interruption. However, since entertainment should bring people together, it may be best to only watch shows in separate rooms as a last resort. Also, if one television has better quality than the other, who gets the better one might be yet another cause for debate.

With these 3 tips for settling debates on what to watch with your spouse, the key to settling any debate with your spouse is to remember to be respectful and mature. Even if you do not exactly get your own way, you should be able to work out a happy compromise. By working together, you can make watching shows and movies a fun way to spend time together.

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