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Sub Zero Update

sub zero updateWhile in Sarasota, Florida recently, we took a little time off the beach at Siesta Key to grab some food and we ended up getting a bit of a Sub Zero update. Sub Zero Ice Cream, the business that appeared in Shark Tank episode 414, had a franchise there, so we checked it out. The unique concept of making ice cream instantly with liquid nitrogen is an attraction in itself; the fact they were on Shark Tank made it a “business trip” since I can write off the ice cream as a business expense for shooting the Sub Zero update video!

Sub Zero Update: Ice Cream is HOT

The franchise owners weren’t there, but the owner’s brother told us they opened the week after Sub Zero first aired in January to good crowds eager to try the liquid nitrogen ice cream.  We spoke to him as he held an “As Seen on Shark Tank” sign out in front of the strip mall where the shop is located. He told us Sub Zero franchisees all over the country saw a few weeks of tripled sales volume as the Shark Tank Effect helped drive customers to one of the 17 stores throughout the USA.

When we got inside, the girl at the counter was very welcoming and informative. She walked us through the whole process, explaining each step as she did. We chose our flavors and mix-ins and she put them into a steel bowl. When she finally hit the concoction with the liquid nitrogen, the transformation was amazing;  it was like magic! In about 30 seconds, the liquid cream turned into rich, creamy ice cream.

Sub Zero Update: The Ice Cream

The ice cream was EXCELLENT! It rivaled any premium ice cream I’ve ever had. Even without a Shark Tank appearance, this concept will do well. The novelty of the liquid nitrogen aside, it’s quality stuff and I’d definitely go back again!

We shot a video of our visit, too.

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