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Drink n Game Video Game Beer Tap

Drink n GameArKeg is the business that invites you to Drink n Game. This ultimate party accessory is an old school, arcade style video game cabinet with a secret: a fully functioning keg fridge with tap system included! Entrepreneurs Brant Myers and Dan Grimm are old friends who decided they wanted to combine their two favorite activities, video games and beer drinking, into one console. They dubbed their creation the ArKeg.

The ArKeg comes pre-loaded with 69 “classic” video arcade games and its PC based operating system allows users to load their own games too. If you like to Drink n Game at the same time, the ArKeg is for you. The cabinet features a high lustre melamine and brushed aluminum exterior, two joy sticks, a track ball, 14 buttons, and a fully functioning refrigerated beer tap system “under the hood.” As Jay Kriner would say: BA BAM! This drink n game toy has to be the coolest “man cave” item I have ever seen!

Drink n Game with ArKeg

I couldn’t find Brant and Dan’s name through any of my usual “sources,” so I called up the ArKeg office and asked! Brant answered the phone and he was in the midst of putting together his “web blitz” for the upcoming episode. In the brief conversation, Brant and I found we shared an affinity for Old Fezziwig Ale and Defender; we are Drink n Game soul mates of sorts. He couldn’t say much and alluded to producers coming at him with lead pipes, but he did say “a lot has changed in six months” for ArKeg.

The inspiration for ArKeg ought to be apparent to anyone of a certain age. At one point in the not-too-distant past, video game consoles were a huge and nearly ubiquitous entertainment venue. From arcades to pubs, you could drink n game until your heart’s content!

Do the Sharks Drink n Game?

The “cool factor” for ArKeg is off the charts, but what will the Sharks think? Mark Cuban, as most fans should know, is a “beer guy.” He’d probably own one of these, but would he invest in the company? If you want to Drink n Game in your own home, it will set you back $3,999.00 – not a small sum for most consumers. If you start adding accessory items, you can approach a five grand price tag in the blink of an eye. You can rent an ArKeg for a Drink n Game party (the keg system pumps root beer and soda for the younger set) at $150 for a 24 hour period. At this point, it looks like local, California rentals only.

Even though this might be the best beer lover’s invention since prohibition, I don’t think the Sharks will be interested. I can’t see Lori going in on this, or Robert for that matter (he wouldn’t want all that beer around his daughters). Daymond is a bit of a party animal, but I don’t think it’s in his realm of expertise. Mr. Wonderful would only be into it if it had a wine tap. That leaves Mark Cuban. While I don’t think there will be a million dollar offer on the table for the Drink n Game, Cuban might take a flyer because it’s just that cool. Brant and Dan will have to be on their game in the Shark Tank and leave the Drink n Game stuff for beyond the Shark Tank!


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