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Predicting the Million Dollar Offer

Here we go! My prediction for the Million Dollar Offer which I think will turn into the Million Dollar Deal.

As you know, my business partner, Rob, does most of the predictions, but I couldn’t resist doing some trash talking. He’s got this one all wrong (read his post here). Personally, I think he’s into Lori Greiner a little too much! The real winner will go to The GAMEFACE Company, and the deal will likely originate at Mark Cuban.

Did you notice I left Lori Greiner out of the Million Dollar deal?

Million Dollar Offer Face?

Do you think this face will bring a Million Dollar Offer?

My prediction is the first Million Dollar Offer comes from Lori, who will ask Mark  to partner with her.  He’ll decline, saying he doesn’t need her for the deal. This won’t sit well with Lori Greiner, and she’ll fight for the deal. In the end, Mark Cuban will score this deal.

Mark Cuban wrote an interesting blog post, “Making Money as a Student“, back in February 2012 where he suggested students use shoelaces to make money.

His plan calls for students to buy shoelaces in their team colors, and then hang out in the game parking areas and sell them for $10 each, $20 if you lace the shoes.

Face paint is messy, and that’s why this product exists, but the application needs to be carefully applied. Selling the temporary tattoos at sports venues isn’t very realistic and way too messy. That’s about to change, and that’s why the Sharks fight over this deal.

The Million Dollar opportunity is The GAMEFACE Company’s Peel Away face mask. Sports Arenas everywhere will have “Peel Away” tattoos.

I don’t think it takes a Rocket scientist to figure out that Mark Cuban would do this deal! Who knows mode about marketing to professional sports than Mark Cuban?

Rob said, he thinks DURA Tent recently launched a new website, with a “Million Dollar Offer” look.

I’m sorry, but IMO, their website doesn’t scream a Million Dollar Offer. On the other hand, The GAMEFACE Company’s website doesn’t scream Million Dollar Offer, but their product has a huge audience who will pay unthinkable amounts of money for their team gear.

Besides, have you seen Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick? I rest my case…

So what do you think? Is Rob right or do you have a totally different opinion? Let us know in our new opinion poll and get registered to win a special prize for your vote.


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