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Fudge Making Grandmother Cracks Up Sharks

Fat Ass FudgeFudge Making Grandmother makes a holiday treat – there always seems to be some in our house at Christmas – so it is no surprise to see Donna McCue pitching her business, Fat Ass Fudge, in the Shark Tank in Holiday episode 409 on Tuesday, December 4. McCue was featured in a promo video as a wacky entrepreneur who is very excited to be swimming with the Sharks.  David Cox, who was Shark sushi a few weeks ago said of McCue, ” I have never met someone who doesn’t need caffeine as much as her. She was a real trip.”

Fudge Making Grandmother Comedian

Donna McCue has quite an interesting background. She’s a former comedian and a well-known intuitive. She’s read the palms of many celebrities and even wrote a book entitled Your Fate is in Your Hands. She started Fat Ass Fudge in 2008 because her fudge was popular among friends and family who received it as gifts. Donna uses a modified version of her grandmother’s old fudge recipe using organic goat milk; Fat Ass Fudge is gluten-free as well. The business name stems from her younger brother’s nickname for Donna when the were growing up. When asked if Fat Ass Fudge will make your ass big, Donna’s standard reply is, “no, but it will make your ass smile!”

Donna sells her fudge at local farmer’s markets in the Hamptons (she’s in East Hampton) out of her “Fudgemobile.” She also sells off her website. The Fudgemobile features the Fat Ass Fudge logo: a grinning donkey’s ass! She was actually turned down by the New York state authorities when she initially filed for the business name; they called the name “obscene.” Donna used her powers of persuasion to make them change their minds, and she began cooking up her decadent goodies commercially in a local restaurant kitchen. Her book publicist provided the angel investment funds to get Fat Ass Fudge up and running.

Do Sharks have Sweet Tooth for Fudge Making Grandmother?

Even though Fat Ass Fudge is over five years old, it isn’t evident if sales extend beyond Donna’s local area. The Sharks may like the fudge, but will they like the business plan? If the promos are any indication (they usually aren’t), Kevin O’Leary will make an offer. Barbara Corcoran has had success with food businesses and has proven online sales of baked goods is a viable plan, so she may be interested too. Donna’s New York roots may further endear her to Barbara, as will her philosophy on fudge and men: “the difference between fudge and men is fudge never disappoints.”

Whether Donna and Fat Ass Fudge get a deal or not, the segment should be entertaining. Look for the white Scion with a Fat Assed Donkey logo on the side in a neighborhood near you. If you see it, tell Donna you are “in!”

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