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Jay Kriner Interview- BevBuckle

Jay Kriner, inventor of the BevBuckle from the Shark Tank Season premiere came up with a doozy: “BA-BAM!” My seven-year old, who enjoys the Shark Tank, has been running around saying “BA-BAM” since she watched with me last Friday night; thanks A LOT, Jay! I spoke with Jay Kriner today, his fourth anniversary by the way, […]

Scott Jordan Reports

This is the first in my series of reviews of Shark Tank, Season 4 as the “6th Shark.” As you may remember, I was the Entrepreneur who appeared in Episode 7 of Season 3 pitching, but when the Sharks wanted to include my “retail company,” SCOTTEVEST, I had no other choice but to turn […]

CATEapp: Cheater’s App

CATEapp, widely known as “The Cheater’s App,” brings a new smartphone app into the Shark Tank that allows you to “clean” texts, calls, photos, and what have you from your phone. It was designed and is touted as “the cheater’s app” so people who are engaging in what I will call “indiscreet behavior” can communicate […]

Alpha M Style System Aaron Marino

Alpha M Style System makes it’s way into the Shark Tank on Friday, September 21. Alpha M Style System is the creation of Aaron Marino of Atlanta, who claims (in the short story version) he was “born to help dudes pick out underwear and talk about manscaping!” Aaron grew up with limited means and shopped […]

Ripsurfer X by Surfset

Surfset Fitness is jumping right in with the world’s first total-body surf trainer, Ripsurfer X, designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. Creator Mike Hartwick is a former Dartmouth College hockey player who enjoyed surfing in the off-season. He developed Ripsurfer X to stay in surfing shape. It’s safe to say that […]

eCreamery – Abby Jordan & Becky App

Shark Tank has another ice cream business pitching the Sharks on September 21, this one is called eCreamery. If you have ever wanted to create your own ice cream flavor, eCreamery may just be what you have been looking for! eCreamery co-founders Abby Jordan and Becky App have been making custom flavored ice cream and […]

Scott Jordan on Season 4

Hang on to your hats Shark Tank fans, Scott Jordan is BACK! The controversial season three entrepreneur will be a regular guest author on The Shark Tank Blog offering his reactions on each week’s show. Shark Tank fans surely remember Mr. Jordan’s entertaining and galvanizing appearance while pitching his Technology Enabled Clothing to the sharks. An […]

Body Walking Ancient Body Massage on Shark Tank

Shark Tank has a very varied mix of entrepreneurs and businesses. In the season premiere of Shark Tank, an entrepreneur who wants to resurrect the ancient Chinese Art art of body walking massage therapy takes a swim with the sharks. Entrepreneur Tod Miller is a Phoenix, Arizona massage therapist and an avid iron man triathelete […]

Shark Tank Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in the Shark Tank? That’s what the ABC press release for the Shark Tank says: “two women from Freehold, NJ believe they have a solution to the nationwide epidemic of bedbugs.” Bed bugs are disgusting and there have been hundreds of thousands of stories about infested hotels, schools, even public libraries all over […]

Coatchex Coat Check App on Shark Tank

Coatchex, the coat check app, promises to make a big splash in the  Shark Tank as it debuts on the show’s season four premiere. Coatchex founder, Derek Pacque, is a recent graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a degree in Management, Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Pacque didn’t even wait to graduate before starting the […]

BevBuckle Beer Belt Buckle Shark Tank

The BevBuckle Beer Belt Buckle Shark Tank debut takes place on the season opener on Friday, September 14. This quirky, fun product allows the wearer to hold a beer (or any other beverage) with their belt buckle! The Beer Belt Buckle or BevBuckle, is the brainchild of entrepreneur Jay Kriner, a son of a military man. […]

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