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Cousins Maine Lobster claws out an investment

Cousins Maine Lobster came into the Shark Tank looking for $55K for 5% of their business to buy another lobster truck for their popular business. They started off being coy about proprietary supplier relationships and a $1.1 million valuation. While it is true anyone can go buy wholesale lobsters in Maine, having local connections will […]

Green Business Trending on Shark Tank

Green business used to be just another buzzword, but it’s rapidly becoming a worldwide model for a way of doing business. Call it sustainable, organic, environmentally responsible, or anything else you like, green business is here to stay, and the Shark Tank seems to be following the trend in season four. Green business can be […]

Monday Night Football Meets Shark Tank

Monday Night Football will most likely always have higher ratings than the Shark Tank, but it seems ABC is playing the football angle this season. Brandon Jacobs, former New York Giants star, would have played last night on the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football for The San Francisco 49ers, had he not been on the injured […]

Sweeps Month Time Change

A sweeps month time change is coming to the Shark Tank. No sharks are leaving and the show’s format won’t change, but ABC has decided to move the popular venture capital “game show” to the 9 PM hour. The move coincides with November sweeps, one of two months where TV networks put out their best […]

Cousins Lobster Truck: Lobsters vs Sharks

Cousins Maine Lobster makes a splash in the Shark Tank in episode 406 with a mobile food truck that specializes in Maine Lobster! Entrepreneurs Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac (who really are cousins) hope the Sharks like lobster as they seek funding for their popular food truck that serves Maine Lobster rolls and other related Maine fare. […]

Freaker Freaks out Sharks

The Freaker grooves into the Shark Tank Friday night with a line of one size fits all, hand knit koozies. Entrepreneur Zach Crain hopes the Sharks will dig his products which have the mission of “preventing moist hand shakes and keeping beverages insulated in style.” Freakers are proudly “made in the Freakin’ USA” in Troy, North […]

PRO-NRG Sports Drink pitched by Brandon Jacobs

PRO-NRG is a protein loaded sports drink that will pour into the Shark Tank for episode 406. Entrepreneur Tania Patrunol, a New Jersey resident and Giants fan, enlists the help of New York Giants all time rushing touchdowns leader Brandon Jacobs in her pitch to the Sharks. Jacobs played seven years with the Giants and […]

Eco Nuts Gets Sharks Lathered Up

Eco Nuts Organic Soaps bring their all natural, organic laundry detergents and soaps into the Shark Tank Friday night hoping they’ll clean up with some cash for their environmentally friendly soap business. Entrepreneurs Scott Shields and Mona Weiss will present their “nutty” eco-friendly cleaning products in what promises to be a pitch that gets both the young […]

CozyBug Pillowcase Dresses

CozyBug Pillowcase entrepreneur Aly Lessor  jumps in the Shark Tank with her line of pillowcase dress inspired fashion for girls.  The business is very new, so new that they aren’t indexed on the web yet and they don’t even have a Facebook page! This mystery business was nowhere to be found online prior to Friday. I […]

Post Show Interview with Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming made time for a post show interview following his Shark Tank debut. Kevin and Brian Fleming made a big splash in the Shark Tank last week with their comedy laced pitch to the Sharks for their business, BagBowl. Despite a few rocky moments, the brothers got exactly what they were asking for from […]

Back 9 Dips Entrepreneur David Mealey Interview

Back 9 Dips entrepreneur David Mealey and his pregnant wife Dominique (Nique for short) had a tear filled, heartfelt segment when they appeared in the Shark Tank last Friday. Tears were flowing from the beginning of the segment when Mr. Wonderful brought himself to tears laughing while comparing Back 9 Dips Buffalo Chicken Dip to […]

Wired Waffles Caffeine Energy Waffles

Wired Waffles cooks things up in the Shark Tank this Friday with a unique twist on two old breakfast staples: waffles and coffee. Entrepreneur Roger Sullivan has infused waffles with a “double shot of caffeine” to create a new way of getting kick started in the morning. Roger Sullivan Background Roger strikes me as an […]

Marz Sprays Vitamin Oral Sprays by Keith Marz

Marz Sprays vitamin oral sprays spritz into the Shark Tank Friday night. Entrepreneur Keith Marz started the business a little over two years ago to meet the market needs of people who don’t like swallowing pills, yet still want nutritional supplements on a regular basis. “We felt it was important to offer consumers an easy, portable […]

The Spatty by Cheryl Rigdon

The Spatty dips in the Shark Tank this Friday night on ABC. Created by Easley, South Carolina resident Cheryl Rigdon, the Spatty is a spatula-like tool specifically designed for removing the last bit of make-up, lotion, even condiments, from bottles and jars. If you’ve ever tossed away a bottle or jar that still had plenty of product […]

PostureNow Review

PostureNow entrepreneurs Matt Franklin and  Mike Lane were funded by Mark Cuban who stood up straight and made a deal to help the Portland, Oregon area businessmen with their posture correction device. I asked a Chiropractor to review their product and pitch from a professional perspective.  Dr Berthiaume is a graduate of the National College of […]

Lifter Hamper by Marvin Philip

Lifter Hamper takes its dirty laundry into the Shark Tank this week. Invented by Marvin Philip, a former All Pac-10 Cal Golden Bears center and 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers 6th round draft pick, the Lifter Hamper is a bungee cord loaded hamper that lifts clothes to the top of the hamper to reduce back strain while removing dirty […]

BagBowl by Kevin Fleming turns a Bag into a Bowl

The BagBowl is a product that turns any plastic bag into a bowl. Every once in a while, there are businesses that jump into the Shark Tank that are hard to track down, and this is one of them. I haven’t had such an elusive business or entrepreneur since Mark Sullivan was on the show […]

ZOMM Bluetooth Personal Concierge Laurie & Henry Penix

A Personal Concierge is something some of the Sharks may have in their lives, but entrepreneurs Laurie and Henry Penix hope their company, Zomm, will bring that level of service to the masses. Tech-related businesses have fared well in the Shark Tank; perhaps a blue-tooth enabled device that acts as a wireless leash for a […]

Bubba’s Chicken Dip David and Dominique Mealey

  There will be chicken dip in the Shark Tank, when Bubba’s Chicken Dip founders David and Dominique Mealey pitch their chicken loaded dips to the panel of five Sharks. The Mealeys call Bubba’s Buffalo Chicken Dip “a Buffalo wing on a chip;” sounds delicious! The Mealey’s sell their Bubba’s Chicken Dip through their Back […]

BuggyBeds Maria Curcio Interview

Maria Curcio, the CEO of Buggy Beds, appeared on the season premiere of Shark Tank along with her business partner Veronica Periongo. The women entrepreneurs made Shark Tank history when all five sharks partnered to invest in their business, an early detection system for bed bugs. I caught up with Maria last week and we spoke […]

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers Tereson Dupuy

I don’t know if Sharks diaper their babies or not, but there are parents on the Shark Tank panel and they must have changed a diaper or two in their time. This week, FuzziBunz, a world-wide cloth diapers business jumps into the Shark Tank. Entrepreneur Tereson Dupuy, a former victims advocate for the Rape Crisis Center […]

Liz Lovely Gluten Free Cookies

The third show of season four brings Liz Lovely Gluten Free Cookies business into the Shark Tank.  Liz Lovely, the 100% vegan and gluten free cookies business from Waitsfield, Vermont was founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs Liz and Dan Holtz. They were high school sweethearts in their hometown of  Indiana, Pennsylvania who shared a love of all […]

PostureNow by Matt Franklin & Mike Lane

PostureNOW jumps in the Shark Tank Friday night with a little help from Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing With the Stars. PostureNOW is a posture correction device invented by Matt Franklin and Mike Lane. The business partners hope the Sharks will invest in their company and straighten out the company’s sales. Posture NOW was created […]

RockBands Lee Dahlberg & Robin Leach

RockBands entrepreneur Lee Dahlberg and Robin Leach (Lifesyles of the Rich and Famous) pitch RockBands, fashion wrist accessory with a gritty, rock and roll image. Dahlberg, a former model turned designer, started the business last year when he sold his house to finance the business. RockBands are essentially a leather bracelet with exotic stones. Dahlberg […]

Scott Jordan Talks Episode 401

Scott Jordan, The 6t Shark on Shark Tank Episode 401 Overall, I think the episode was very good. It made great TV. I’ve changed my format slightly from last week to address specific issues on each segment. Let me know what you think. I’m excited to watch the Emmy’s on Sunday night and keeping my […]