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PostureNow by Matt Franklin & Mike Lane

PostureNow by Matt Franklin & Mike Lane
PostureNOW jumps in the Shark Tank Friday night with a little help from Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing With the Stars. PostureNOW is a posture correction device invented by Matt Franklin and Mike Lane. The business partners hope the Sharks will invest in their company and straighten out the company’s sales.

Posture NOW was created by the two Portland, OR area men who created PostureNow because they realized they were ruining their postures hunching over computers all day. They didn’t like the posture correction devices available on the market, so they consulted with physical therapists and chiropractors and developed their own solution. That solution became PostureNOW.

PostureNow Provides Reminder

What PostureNOW does is provide a “gentle reminder to throw your shoulders back and stand or sit up straight.” Other posture correction devices act more like a brace and do all the work for you. The PostureNOW website claims you can wear their posture correction device under your clothes. After wearing the posture correction device for a while, “good posture becomes a habit and muscle memory results in a natural, upright posture.” Dancers have been big PostureNOW customers as maintaining good posture is tantamount to being a graceful dancer. This is probably why Franklin and Lane have Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya endorsing their product in the Shark Tank.

I am not sure the sharks will bite. The PostureNOW website doesn’t look like a website that is “shark worthy;” it has a “long sales letter” feel to it. It’s also going to be hard for the Sharks to justify investing in a product that makes health claims of any kind, explicit or implied. The liability issues alone could scare the sharks away. I think it is a good product, good posture IS important and they have plenty of testimonials. The $40 price tag isn’t a sum that would frighten curious buyers away and they offer a 100% money back guarantee. The PostureNOW also has made great inroads in the dancing community, but that might be too small of a niche for the Shark Tank investors.

I think the Posture NOW will see a lot of sales as a result of the appearance on Shark Tank, but I think the Sharks will be “out.”

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  1. The owner of the posture now device came off as a total moron ass, will not buy this product simply due to his attitude!

    • Loved this guy! His attitude reminds me some of the Sharks attitudes! I think he gave them a little taste of their own medicine and my husband and I love the product!

  2. i have been waiting YEARS for this invention OMG thank you for bringing it to sharktank and showing me how to order it. you virtually saved my life. i suffer from fibromyalgia 18+ years and this device when i can purchase I KNOW will immediately help keep my posture in place pulling my chest back and taking the pressure off my trapz and trigger areas that seriously cause such debilitation and chronic pain. this device unlike a support bra or other devices (i thought about gettting bunji cords to hold my shoulders back no joke and you solved that issue) will hold back my shoulder without affecting my breathing by restricting my lungs putting pressuer on my chest with any support bra i have tried and in fact open my chest and HELP ME BREATHE. I THINK YOU HAVE JUST SAVED MY LIFE!!!

    • just saw shark tank a little while ago, did some searching for posturenow, and found my way here.

      hey shauna, can’t disagree with you there, but then again, they did walk away with some money and a deal with mark cuban. even if he was a bit off-putting, gotta give’em some credit for cutting the deal.

      hey margaret, you seem very excited about this product — maybe a little too excited. not casting any stones here, but as a long time blogger, i sometimes get skeptical when i see comments from visitors raving about a product like you are. my initial thought was that maybe you are tightly or loosely affiliated with the company some how. if you’re not, and you’re really ecstatic that you finally found a product that may work for you you, that’s totally cool too! i’m super excited for you too!

      that said, no doubt this product has some potential, but i find the design a little odd. granted, i can see how it will keep your shoulders set back, and still allow your arms to come forward as needed, but the implementation of arm bands seems a little unusual. differently said, i think i would feel a little weird wearing this device — that is — unless i really needed to.

      for what it’s worth, i came across a posture undershirt/shirt not too long ago, made by a company called evidence based apparel, that really does a great job in pulling your shoulders back which of course helps improve your posture. they originally called the product the “posture shirt”, but it’s now called symmetry, made for women and men. i did a review, and gave it favorable marks.

      there’s another product called itelliskin too, that looks a lot like symmetry, and i assume it offers similar posture improvement performance (although it may be a copy cat of eba’s product).

      and if you’re wondering, no — i’m not in anyway shape or form affiliated with either eba or intelliskin. just a blogger who follows this space and likes to evaluate products like this.

      i might send a note to the folks at posturenow and see if i can get sample to try out and write a review on my site (:

      if you try it out, let me know what you think!

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