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April 13th, 2012 Post Show

Shark Tank TV ShowWhat a crazy night, not a single deal, in fact, even some crazy people. The Sullivan Generator is a wild case for the imagination. This guy comes in saying he can make Gold out of a fake hurricane. In fact, he says hurricanes create gold.

He also said he sews leather goods, including skirts, purses and other items besides being an inventor with several other products to which he claims some royalties.

As nuts as that sounds, try the double dip, James Martin coming in with Copa Di Vino. He hemmed and hawed about doing a deal, only to really piss of the Sharks this time because he wouldn’t take a great offer. He’s debating about a small percentage making it clear, he wasn’t going to do a deal.

At the end he claims that he really wanted to do a deal with the Sharks, but if he really did, he would have done the deal without being smug opening and drinking his expensive glass of wine.

James Martin conduct could come back to haunt him should he need funding from outside sources.  That said, I hope he doesn’t need someone to bail him out in the future. Investors just don’t like that kind of attitude, I know, I’ve given it myself.

Blondies Cookies, made a hit with the taste, but she’s got her mind made up.She’s going to keep doing what she’s been doing until she can’t do it anymore because she’s bankrupt or she’s made it. The Sharks wanted to do a deal with her, but the numbers made it impossible. Actually, Blondie made it impossible because she showed no flexibility, a common characteristic of tenacious entrepreneurs. I hope she makes it, but she’s got a long road ahead of her.

The one that I missed out on is ViewSport. I know that presentation didn’t go well either, I think I heard overvalued on his deal, it could have been more. I will have to go back and watch when I get the chance,  but what a night for Shark Tank!


  1. I love the copa do vino ideal. But will never buy on because of that man’s stupidity. How could anyone turn down an offer like the one he got? Do you want to make five mill the hard way or 50 mill the easy way? No brainer right?

  2. Deacon Blues says

    James had 2 things on his side, an INCREDIBLE adviser and an independent assessment of his company’s worth. I have to think on this occasion, the sharks couldn’t get a discount, they would have to pay full value for their meal, and the prospect turned their stomachs. When a guy comes in who has increased his value TEN FOLD in a year, then the sharks should KNOW he’s not coming back with false preconceptions or overvaluations. He was right to walk out, but wrong to be so dramatic about it. He’s the kind that will eventually end up as rich as they are financially, but he’ll still be 2 dimensional in the personality department.. For what it’s worth, O’Leary was right, it’s time to license the technology and the best deal of the day was the second offer O’Leary made. James should have taken it.

    • The more I look at the Sullivan generator, the more I know it’s just a big joke. On the marksullivanresearch website, despite his purported hundreds of inventions that made it into society, this generator is basically the only thing on the site (plus some photos of… ice cream?). And look and the set of figures, sometimes numbers with arrows pointing to nothing 🙂 Definitely entertaining!

      Copa di vino sounded neat, but, if the Sam Adams guy believes it’s such a great idea, why doesn’t he invest the needed funds?

      • Mr. Sullivan claimed he didn’t smoke or drink, but it is clear he must be smoking something! He must have been put on the show for pure comedy value. Mr. Copa Di Vino doesn’t need the Sharks. He doesn’t need Sam Koch either. He would have taken a deal, but he has the connections and the cash to expand himself. File Under: PR play.

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