Original Man Candles Entrepreneur Johnson Bailey on Shark Tank

Original Man Candle Entrepreneur Johnson Bailey will pitch the Shark Tank Investors, asking for a $50,000 investment in return for a 25% stake in his company.

Shark Tank Entrepreneur James Mitchell PureAyre Missed Opportunity

Pure Ayre Entrepreneur, James Mitchell appeared on Shark Tank about a month ago. He walked away from an opportunity to sell his company for $225,000 and a 7% royalty. Just after the program aired, like many people, I felt for Mitchell. Nobody deserves to get called a cockroach on National TV, well maybe nobody. You […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Caddyswag FollowUp

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs, Melissa and Ben Fossey of Caddyswag pitched their invention, a cooler that allows you to carry a six pack on to the golf course in your bag. This is an opportunity to save money on beverages. The Caddyswag cooler fits into the shoe pocket on the golf bag. They’ve priced the Caddyswag cooler […]

Hill Billy Entrepreneurs Bait Shark Tank – The Sharks Bite

Hill Billy brand Entrepreneurs, Michael Abbaticchio and Shon Lees, cast their reel on Shark Tank and Robert Herjavec along with Jeff Foxworthy and Daymond John bit. These two entrepreneurs know that to build a strong brand, you have to put together a great marketing strategy. They did that by bringing the band, the girls and […]

HyConn by Jeff Stroope Preview

HyConn Entrepreneur / Inventor, Jeff Stroope is a former Arkansas firefighter who will pitch the Investors on Shark Tank this Friday night. The previews of Shark Tank look explosive, so I would say it’s a good thing that they have a firefighter in the house! I found Jeff, through an article posted on Innovative Arkansas, […]

Qubits Mark Burginger After The Shark Tank Show

Qubits Entrepreneur, Mark Burginger contacted me through my blog and offered to share his experiences from the Shark Tank and what’s happened since. According to Burginger, Daymond John enlisted the help of fellow Angel Investor and Entrepreneur, Kevin O’Leary, to approach toy companies Hasbro, MGA, Mattel and others. The Sharks had Burginger supply samples of Qubits […]

Jeff Foxworthy Angel Investor on Shark Tank episode

Jeff Foxworthy, once again turns Angel Investor on Shark Tank tonight. He’s not only an extremely funny comedian; he’s a savvy businessman who’s leveraged his personal brand across many product lines. He would be a great investor to have on your team. Foxworthy understands where the real money is, and that’s indirect residual income that’s […]

Hydromax Shark Tank Pitch Wins Foxworthy

Hydromax’s Chris Spencer gave a genuinely wonderful Shark Tank pitch and Jeff Foxworthy made the deal. Foxworthy is passionate about children and being able to save lives gave him every reason to do this deal. The company looks very real online, giving quality content and easy access to purchase the one size fits all system. […]

FridgeFronts Jan Augenstein

First time FridgeFronts Entrepreneur Jan Augenstein appears on Shark Tank and makes deal with Barbara Corcoran who brings in Kevin Harrington. According to Jan, she put her product in SkyMall an inflight magazine similar to Sharper Image that features all kinds of products for sale. She said she sold $40,000 worth from an $18,000 advertisement. […]

CarSik Bib Shark Tank Pitch by Les Cookson

The CarSik Bib keeps car sick children from making a mess when traveling, allowing parents to safely pull over and remove the barf bag cleanly.  Les Cookson, inventor, pitches on Shark Tank this Friday night. Does he get a deal? At first, people might laugh, but then think seriously for a moment about this. I […]

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