Games2U Entrepreneurs Meet Shark Tank

Games2U is next up on Shark Tank. Brothers Stuart and David Pikoff will be pitching their 3 year old franchise opportunity to the Sharks. According to press releases on their site, they now have over 100 franchises and have third year sales passing twenty million dollars. That’s big numbers for Shark Tank and that means […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Ecomowers Preview

Ecomowers, a company founded by entrepreneur Andy Humphrey will step into the Shark Tank on this Friday night. The company is focused on environmentally friendly mowers utilizing updated Reel style mowers instead of gas powered units. I spent some time checking out the Ecomower site this morning where Humphrey sells several different brands of reel […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Hot Mama Gowns Prediction Preview

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Deidrea, the self-proclaimed “Hot Mama” had an idea to create a Hot Mama Gown that mothers could wear after she gave birth and was uncomfortable with the hospital issued gowns. When I first visited her website, I didn’t get it from the pictures and thought what was the big deal, but after […]

Daisy Cakes Kim Nelson Barbara Corcoran Deal

Daisy Cakes founder Kim Nelson scored a huge surprise when Barbara Corcoran made her a deal to give her $50,000 she needed to market her company. It turns out that the $50,000 didn’t matter the minute Kim Nelson appeared on the show. Over 70,000 people hit her online store in the first three minutes to check out […]

Lightfilm like Patented GLOplate

George Pod, Lightfilm, LLC. entered Shark Tank asking for $100,000.00 from The Sharks. He brought a new product, almost identical to another product patented in 1998, called GLOplate. I recognized the similarity immediately as I have visited with the GLOplate investor multiple times over the last ten years. According to George Pod, He’s filed a […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Bob Kroupa of New Era Brands – Don’t Give Up Yet

Bob Kroupa owner of New Era brands has made some huge mistakes and his pitch to the Shark Tank Investors left him with no deal and tons of advice. Bob Invested $2,000,000.00 and produced $800,000.00 in sales by hiring a President and Operations Manager to run this business. My bet is he did this right […]

Shark Tank Loves Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky – Still Out

Ken, from Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky didn’t stand a chance with the Sharks. He’s just a likeable guy that has a passion for this business and pitched his product all wrong. Even so, the Sharks loved him without investing in him. They told him he has a nice business that he can do well in, […]

Ride On Carry On Entrepreneurs Connect with Shark Tank!

Entrepreneurs, Ride On Carry On, offers a very unique product that helps parents with young children in airports. They have designed a chair with table that mounts on almost any piece of luggage. The Ride On Carry On idea came from Randy Lenz, a flight attendant turned entrepreneur who visualized a solution to an opportunity […]

Vinnie Pastore Makes Broccoli Wad Pitch

Vinnie Pastore Makes Broccoli Wad Pitch The Sopranos star, Vinnie Pastore went on Shark Tank with Broccoli Wad creator, John Gennero. The pair landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran in what she said is the worst deal on Shark Tank. Barbara quickly changed her mind when she convinced Pastore to join the deal. and accompanied […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs – Flipoutz Makes Great Deal

will be on shortly with new entrepreneurs making their pitch like Flipoutz did last week. What a great group of kids, they were polished and did an awesome presentation and negotiation. The youngest boy was smooth. I went to their website to learn more about them and I find out that Jake was in Talladega […]

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