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CBS Foods: Chef Big Shake Interview

Chef Big Shake (real name Shawn Davis) wants to make his Shrimp Burgers a household staple all across the USA. Shawn, and his company CBS Foods, were featured on last Friday’s Shark Tank re-run. Shawn was looking for one of the Sharks to help him roll out nationally. One by one, all the Sharks went […]

Friday April 13 Shark Tank Episode 308

Shark Tank fans can’t help but be excited about this Friday’s show- it’s the first new episode in three weeks. Hopefully, Friday the 13th won’t be bad karma for the entrepreneurs scheduled to appear. The Sharks in “Episode 308” this week are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. While this […]

The Smart Baker has Something Cooking

The Smart Baker cut a deal with Barbara Corcoran earlier this season on The Shark Tank. Even though the deal never went through, the husband and wife team of Daniel and Stephanie Rensing have enjoyed lots of success after they appeared on the show. Their re-usable cupcake towers have been a big hit with specialty […]

Sullivan Generator

Sullivan Generators has fascinated and confounded me for the past week and a half. Ever since the press release for this week’s Shark Tank was released, I have been trying to find something about this company/inventor/product online. I am not having any luck. The press release for this entrepreneur states: “a versatile inventor from San […]

Entrepreneurs Make Money Online

Shark Tank fan or not, when most people hear or read the term “make money online,” they get visions of some quick buck artist selling some hinky “system” designed to guarantee riches beyond your wildest dreams for just two or three hours of work per day. You’ve seen the long sales letters online, or perhaps […]

Success Characteristics

Shark Tank success stories share common characteristics. Success is not determined during the show, it’s after the show that counts.  Many of the Entrepreneurs who don’t get deals end up sharing in the after-the-show success stories. Chef Big Shake is a perfect example. So what is it that we see in the success stories, and […]

CBS Chef Big Shake on ABC Shark Tank

CBS Chef Big Shake is on ABC’s Shark Tank tonight in a re-run of the original episode that aired in season two. His original Shrimp Burger didn’t get the deal, even though Daymond John connected with the Chef. He walked away with no deal on the show but has been doing great ever since. You […]

The Shark Tank- Friday April 6

  Shark Tank on Friday April 6 features a re-run of a show originally aired on March 20, 2011. The Sharks in “Episode 205” are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary; Cuban was actually a “guest shark” for this episode. This re-run features the original air date for Copadivino, who will […]

Blondie’s Cookies Preview

Blondie’s Cookies is an entrant into the Shark Tank on April 13, the next time a new show airs. Entrepreneur Brenda Coffman will be seeking an investment from the Sharks to fund expansion of her growing cookie empire. Coffman started Blondie’s Cookies while attending Indiana State University as a business student back in 1984. She […]

Arlene Battishill Interview

Arlene Battishill, one half of the GoGoGear gals, was kind enough to chat with me for an hour or so today. I wanted to hear about her experiences on the show, and she took time out of her very busy schedule to share insights on an entrepreneur’s life after Shark Tank. Arlene was gracious enough to […]

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