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Trimi Tank Custom Tank Tops

Trimi Tank is another clothing/accessories product to enter the Shark Tank seeking funding. The sharks may be in for a real fight: Trimi Tank is run by 2 Pittsburg hockey moms, Nikki Bilski and Lindsay Johnson. If these two gals are like the hockey moms I know, the sharks don’t stand a chance! Both mothers of […]

Jared Joyce on Tedx

Jared Joyce was the first entrepreneur in season three to exploit his exposure on Shark Tank to its fullest potential. He walked away from a deal where Lori Greiner offered him $250,000 for %100 of his Five Minute Furniture. Many people thought he should have taken the money. Jared, however, sees the big picture. He […]

Tail Lightz Kyle Rainey after Shark tank

Tail Lightz inventor, Kyle Rainey, entered the Shark Tank to pitch his invention, a light up device that fits on jeans pockets. He didn’t fare well with Shark Tank Investors, as they quickly went out on his deal. The Shark Tank investors felt that Kyle Rainey’s Tail Lightz designs looked dated and not likely to […]

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Robert Herjavec Deal

I would have never thought Robert Herjavec would have invested in Chord Buddy but Travis Perry scored a Shark Tank deal and even got Robert to come up sing with him. Chord Buddy is a device that Travis Perry designed to fit on the neck of a guitar so that anyone can learn how to […]

Original Runner Company Update

The Original Runner Company is a Shark Tank favorite where Julie Goldman gets a bit “feisty” with the Sharks according to previews of the show. She’s strong, but well liked by Shark Tank fans who watched the first run of the show. Since that time, the show is now getting another re-run and were happy […]

A Perfect Pear Susan Knapp Shark Tank Update

Susan Knapp, founder of A Perfect Pear scored a Shark Tank deal with Robert Herjavec and Kevin Harrington. She came in asking for $500,00 for just 15% of the company on $700,000 in sales. A Perfect Pear faced a common problem many small businesses face. The company had orders for $100,000 worth of product and the […]

A Visit to Nardo’s Natural

Nardo’s Natural, funded by Barbara Corcoran on The Shark Tank earlier this season, is located in Clearwater, Florida. It just so happens I am vacationing in Florida with my family this week. On Monday, the wife and kids went to Adventure Island. I opted to tour a hot dog cart factory and go meet up […]

LifeBelt Robert Allison Shark Tank Update

LifeBelt founder, Robert Allison, made his pitch on Shark Tank for $500,000 in funding to produce his seatbelt safety function, ensuring the driver has their seatbelt on. His device keeps automobiles from starting without wearing the seatbelt. The Shark Tank investors loved LifeBelt, but backed off due to Robert Allison’s vision and strategy.   They wanted […]

Shark Tank- Saturday April 21

The Shark Tank has yet another re-run in store for Saturday, April 21. This is a re-play of the first episode for season three.  The Sharks appearing tonight are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. Travis Perry is very well liked by his fellow Shark Tank entrepreneurs; nearly every entrepreneur I […]

Where is Johnson Bailey & Original Man Candles?

The Shark Tank investors felt Johnson Bailey’s, Original Man Candle company offered to little upside because it was one product, and they just didn’t see the opportunity to build a company. Johnson Bailey kept the Original Man Candles company going, after all, he did win an Entrepreneurial Award from Oklahoma State for his business plan. He […]

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