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Treasure Chest Pets Shark Tank Update

Treasure Chest Pets founder, Lisa Lloyd, appeared on Shark Tank in season one and is airing again on tonight’s episode. Lisa came in under capitalized and believed that she needed investment to take her business to the next level. Kevin O’Leary got out because of distribution nightmares. Kevin Harrington got out because it’s age and seasonal […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Edwin Heaven Throx After Show

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Edwin Heaven of Throx didn’t fair to well during the show. How did he do after? I’ve done some research and this is what I’ve found out. My first step was to visit Throx, the website. He has a goofy entry point, maybe he needs it to sell his three socks, but […]

Notehall Chegg After Shark Tank Deal

Notehall Chegg forge deal after appearing on Shark Tank. The Start-Up appeared on the first season of the show. They did make a deal, and competition popped up right after the episode. The question is, how are they doing now? I did some investigation on Note hall Chegg and this is what I came up with since the […]

Washed Up Hollywood Shark Tank Danon Beres

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Danon Beres of Washed Up Hollywood, looks like it’s washed up right now with a glimmer of hope to get back into the business. I made one stop at his website which is offline and that said it all, but I still decided to do more investigation to see if I can […]

Don’t Get Stuff Stuck In Your Nose

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Joe Moore developed a product called First Defense Nasal Screens which keeps germs and allergens from getting in your nose. Anywhere Allergies affect people, a simple screen over your nostril protects foreign objects from getting into your nose. At first look the Shark Tank Investors thought that Joe Moore was kidding but when they […]

Samson Martin Kim Price Shark Tank Review

Samson Martin owner Kim Price appeared on Shark Tank and was grilled, no ripped apart by the Sharks, especially Kevin O’Leary who was downright rude to her as investors can often be. Kim’s confidence was clearly shaken and her pitch was off as she demonstrated desperation, not opportunity in her company. She would glimmer with […]

Shark Tank Fan Base Grows Stronger

Shark Tank fan base seems to be growing stronger even with the show being in an off season and running reruns of previous episodes. I’m sure that many people are going back and watching the episodes again, but with new comments on previous posts, it’s obvious many people are seeing the show for the first […]

Ride-On Carry-On Shark Tank Episode New Idea

Shark Tank startup Ride-On Carry-On has been a great investment for Barbara Corcoran, one of the Angel Investors on the show.  The sales have been going extremely well. She says it’s one of her best according to an interview she did. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the product, which creates […]

After The Show Shark Tank Reviews and Updates

Want to know what happened after the show? Shark Tank has continuously gained momentum with reruns being played twice weekly during the off season. Yes, that means that there is going to be another season of Shark Tank and if it’s like it’s sister show, “The Dragons Den”, it’s sure to be around for years […]

ToyGaroo Nikki Pope

ToyGaroo Entrepreneur Nikki Pope came up with a great idea which created the Netflix of toy rentals. The ToyGaroo idea came about as so many toys are piled up in boxes after being used only couple of times. Now parents are able to change out the toys for new toys targeted to their child. She […]

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