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ShowNo Shelly Ehler Shark Tank Pitch

Shark Tank presents Shelly Ehler a stay-at-home mom who substitutes as a school teacher part-time. She was at the pool with her kids and covered her son with a bath towel as he changed in public, while her younger son complained that it was his turn. That’s when she thought of ShowNo, a product designed […]

Week one a success!

Week one isn’t even done and it’s been a huge success thanks to you, the people who have come to read the posts in this site. Keep coming back daily as fresh content is added often. This site, The Shark Tank, launched on Monday and it hasn’t even been a week and the numbers are […]

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory brings homemade Sweet Potato Pie to your home

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory brings homemade Sweet Potato Pie to your home. Tod Wilson is the Entrepreneur, Chef and Brainchild behind Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory, something that he thought up while learning the bakery business while working for his Godfather. Wilson worked at the bakery for four years. Now, he’s got his own business, Mr. Tod’s Pie […]

I Want to Draw a Cat for You

Mark Cuban surprised some people and caused other people to second guess his decision to invest in Steve Gadlin’s company, “I want to draw a cat for you”. My prediction said Gadlin would be funded by the Sharks. Thanks to Mark Cuban for making that prediction come true. What surprised me and others, including guys I […]

EZ VIP Alashe Nelson Scores

I’ve done pretty well predicting the outcomes of the deals ahead of time but EZ VIP was a miss for me. I have to hand it to Alashe Nelson, a young entrepreneur from Miami who kept a lid on what was going to happen. His site showed no signs of a Shark Tank deal at […]

Travis Perry ChordBuddy

Chord Buddy Entrepreneur Travis Perry developed a system will teach anyone how to play a guitar in two months with his guitar learning system. You don’t need a teacher, just a guitar, the Chord Buddy, DVD player and the lesson book. Travis pitches his product on the next episode of Shark Tank to the Angel Investors. […]

The Smell of Money – Liquid Money

Liquid Money gives the Smell of Money and so does The Sharks on the hit TV show Shark Tank. Are they going to dig into their pockets and invest into buying into the smell of freshly minted currency? We’re about to find out as this upcoming episode is going to tell the tale. Sales manager Patrick […]

You Smell Soap – Megan Cummins

You Smell Soap founder Megan Cummins enters the Shark Tank on Friday night where she will launch the signature line of all-natural bar and paper soaps in the United States. Cummins is revealing her Paper Soap product to the Shark Tank investors and making her pitch. The soap is a great idea coming in single use sheets, easily carried […]

Emotions Roll During Shark Tank Pitch

Emotions Roll During Shark Tank Pitch leaving The Sharks shedding tears. This is reality on the show. The hit TV show Shark Tank showcases Entrepreneurs who are pitching their products and services to five Angel Investors who are proven Entrepreneurs themselves. I’ve written about the show over the past few years using it to share my […]

Dave Greco The Salespreneur Preview

Dave Greco, The Salespreneur claims to have thrown Daymond John out of the Shark Tank. That’s an interesting claim, so I called out Daymond John on Twitter. Let’s see if he has a response to this one. Dave Greco, claims that he’s been in the top 2% of every sales organization that he’s been in and […]

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