Dreamland Weighted Baby Blankets

Tara Williams created Dreamland Baby because she was sleep deprived. Her fourth child, Luke, would not sleep. When babies don’t sleep, parents don’t either. When you have four kids and aren’t sleeping, life can be a bit rough. Tara has a very positive attitude though and she kept plugging along. One night, little Luke was being […]

The Mad Optimist – Personalized Soaps and Skin Care

Mohammed M. Mahdi, Mohammed A. Mahdi and Anthony Duncan had a lot of help when they started The Mad Optimist. They incubated their business with grants valued at $300,000 at a Cincinnati area small business incubator called The Brandery. They also got free office space for a year and free consultations with executives from companies […]

Yellowleaf Hammocks and the Hammock Throne

Joe Demin and Rachel Connors discovered the first Yellowleaf Hammocks while motorcycling in the hills of Thailand. They were in the tribal lands of the Mlabri Tribe, known as “the people of the yellow leaf,” Now, some of those tribeswomen are employees of the business. Back in 2012, Demin did a Kickstarter that raised a […]

Rolling Greens Vegan Millet Tots

Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham didn’t invent Rolling Greens, Ryan’s parents did. Way back in 1980, Ryan’s mom and dad ran a food truck in Boulder called Rolling Greens. Thirty years later, Ryan – a trained chef – and his wife decided to reopen the truck and serve the Boulder community once again. After five years, […]

SharkTank Season 11 Finale

As we sit on the eve of the Shark Tank Season 11 Finale, the world has changed in in explicable ways since the season began. Little did we know back in September that an unseen virus would flip our realities on our collective heads. For me, not much changed. I work at home anyways, so […]

The Salted Restaurant Group

Jeff Appelbaum represents The Salted Restaurant Group in his appearance in episode 1124. He claims he has the future of restaurants in his business and he may have been more prophetic than even he thought in the era of Covid-19. Salted operates six different restaurants in four major metropolitan markets. Here’s the catch: they offer […]

RescueReady – Fire Escape Ladder

Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russel invented RescueReady, their fire escape ladder that’s built right into a window frame, to save lives. Even homes with safety fire escape ladders have risks. If a ladder is stored in a tough to get to spot, precious time can be lost getting it ready. A RescueReady ladder deploys in […]

MC Squares – Business Collaboration Tools

MC Squares founder Anthony Franco knows a lot about business. He’s built and sold five companies and won numerous awards for his business acumen. So it’s no surprise he finds himself heading his sixth company – a business that helps make collaboration easier. When you’ve been in the business world as long as Franco, you’ve […]

The Potty Safe – Locking Potty Trainer

Colt and Stacy Hall invented The Potty Safe to solve a problem. Back in 2013, they were potty training their first child. Their daughter liked playing with her potty trainer and frequently spilled the contents all over their bathroom. It was, to put it mildly, disgusting. The new parents went searching for a potty trainer […]

Tough Ties by Tough Apparel

Tough Ties creators Kevin Shoemaker and Skylar Bennett are snappy dressers. They always wore the best suits to their office where they were commercial real estate brokers. That was all fine and dandy until they became dads. Babies can be messy little buggers and the two snappy dressers were soon dealing with drool, spilled food […]

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