Bang Shack World Famous Chicken Dip

Jason Hadley feeds the Sharks his “World Famous” Bang Shack Chicken Dip when he tempts their taste buds in Shark Tank episode 1020. Hadley is the type of guy who WILL SUCCEED no matter what life throws at him. As one of five kids in a single parent family, Hadley learned to cook at a […]

Kymera Body Boards – Second Chance

Jason Woods first pitched Kymera Body Boards back in season five, episode 501. To say it was an unsuccessful pitch is an understatement. He’d just come off an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign he claimed failed because of Kickstarter’s rules about selling multiple products for each donation. The Sharks didn’t buy it. Daymond John eviscerated Jason and […]

Swover Alls – Sweatpant Over Alls

Swover Alls are over-alls made out of sweatpant material. Kyle Bergman “invented” them after seeing a pair online. The problem for Kyle was, they were only available in women’s styles and sizes. When he couldn’t find any for men, he made his own. When it came time to turn Swover Alls into a business, Kyle […]

Spare App – Mobile ATM App

D’Ontra Hughes created the Spare App to eliminate the need for ATM machines. ATM machines break down and sometimes it’s unsafe to withdraw cash from them. With the Spare App, a merchant can dispense cash from their cash register just like an ATM. Customers load their Spare account with funds from a bank, PayPal or […]

Somni Fix Mouth Tape Curbs Snoring

“Champion snorer” Andre Machalak created Somni Fix mouth tape strips to keep himself from snoring and keeping his wife up at night. He patented the product and enlisted his son Nicholas to help him market it. Somni Fix is a patented, anti-snoring tape/strip that basically tapes your mouth shut while you sleep. This opens up […]

Maven’s Creamery – Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Gwen and Christine Nguyen didn’t know anything about baking or food production when they started Maven’s Creamery out of their parents’ garage. Now, they have one of the hottest dessert items in southern California. The sisters are children of boat people. Their parents came to this country with nothing and now the sisters are living […]

Hydroviv Water Filters – For Water Nerds Only

Hydroviv Water Filters were born in crisis. Founder Eric Roy started making their first water filters in response to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The company, still in start-up phase at the time, began shipping high capacity lead removal water filters to Flint residents for free in the summer of 2015 – before government […]

Price-titution – Because Everyone has a Price

Price-titution is a new game based on the idea that everyone has their price. Dan Killian always found himself asking his friends ‘how much money would you do (insert task here) for?” So he made a game out of it. Each Pricetitution game box comes with 125 different tasks that people have to guess what […]

Luma: The Healthier Soda

Attorney and Luma Soda creator Jim Otteson is a soda junkie. He was always guzzling diet soda before big trials, but he didn’t like all the crap that is in “big soda’s” diet drinks. Aspartame, a common sweetener, has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It also disrupts the body’s metabolism making your […]

The Flip It Cap Gets the Last Drop

If you ever struggled to get the last drop of anything from a bottle, Flip It Cap is for you. Whether it’s shampoo, lotion, mustard or any other condiment, there’s so much waste with the product you can’t reach. Shaking and pounding a bottle only gets so much. When you just turn it upside down, […]

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