Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm

Mad Rabbit Tattoo co-founders Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor knew they wanted to start their own business, they just weren’t sure what it would be. The guys met as freshmen in college and became fast friends. A few months before graduating in 2019, they started Mad Rabbit. The inspiration for their first product, their tattoo […]

Nu Milk – Almond Milk Machines

Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin invented the Nu Milk almond milk machine to give consumers fresher almond milk and cut down on waste in the food supply chain. Consumers choose their ingredients, push a button, and have almond milk in thirty seconds that’s more nutritious than packaged almond milk. Almonds are high in vitamin E, […]

Tote Babies – Car Seat Holder

Lindsey Fleischauer invented Tote Babies to make shopping with her infant easier. When you put a baby seat in a shopping cart, there isn’t much room left for groceries – unless you bury your kid. With Totes Babies, the car seat is suspended so you can put groceries underneath it. Lindsey made the first Tote […]

Tandem Boogie Boards – Inflatable Boogie Boards

For the Clark family, Tandem Boogie Boards is a true family affair. Manya and John Clark and their daughters Alleanna, Juliette and Lyla all enjoy various water sports and the California beach lifestyle. The San Clemente family made a business out of one of their passions: boogie boarding. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s like […]

Chill System Coolers – Iceless Coolers

Chase Mitchel and Brian Bloch invented Chill System Coolers to cool your room temperature drinks without the use of ice. Instead of ice, they’ve built freezing gel right into the cooler itself. Coupled with one of their packs or totes, you can carry around enough beverages for a day on the go. With the pack […]

Misfit Food – Half Veggie Meats

Misfit Food creator Phil Wong knows a plant based diet is better for our planet. He also knows most people aren’t ready to take the full on plunge into a vegetarian lifestyle, so he created products that take you half way there. For instance, their sausages are 50% vegetables and 50% humanely raised chicken. Their […]

Simply Good Jars – Healthy Meals in a Jar

Jared Cannon first created his Simply Good Jars as a way for him to get a healthy meal while working full time and going to night school for his MBA. Cannon was a chef in some of Philadelphia’s best restaurants for 18 years before he took the leap and started this business in 2017. The […]

Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Pinch Me Therapy Dough creator Nancy Rothner knows exposing senses to different smells colors and textures helps you relax. That’s why she designed her therapy dough to stimulate all three senses.  The putty is fun to fidget with and the calming colors and aromatic infusion centers your focus and helps you relax. Nancy would know, […]

The Muff Wader – Overalls for the Drinking Man

Taylor Ness and Garret Lamp created The Muff Wader because they love the outdoors and drinking. The envisioned overalls with a built in cooler, bottle opener, beer holder and special pockets for storing booze and other items. So they made a prototype, failed at a Kickstarter, then started the business anyway back in 2018. In […]

The BusyBaby Mat

BusyBaby inventor Beth Fynbo got sick of “playing fetch” with her baby, that’s whys she invented the product. Babies love throwing things from their high chairs to the floor. When they do this, whatever they throw gets dirt and germs on it. Not to mention it gets old quickly. Busy Baby is an elegant solution […]

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