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Hampton Adams Athletic Tape

Seneca Hampton created Hampton Adams Athletic Tape to solve a problem he had as an athlete. Whenever he taped his ankles or other parts of his body for a football game, he’d end up with sticky residue on his skin and cleats. Since his mom is a nurse and his dad is a football coach, […]

Cup Bop – Korean Barbecue

Cup Bop started as a single food truck in Salt Lake City back in 2013. Owner Jung Song didn’t have a lot of interest when he first opened. To attract customers, he had to break dance and shout a lot. It worked. The truck became very popular with the locals, so much so that it […]

Cat Amazing Cat Toys

Andrey Grigoryev would have you believe his cat Mooky directed his creation of Cat Amazing cat toys. Mooky “says” Andrey is “the (barely) presentable façade of the company.” In his role as CEO (Cat Entertainment Officer), Andrey is charged with presenting Cat Amazing, his company that makes the cat toys, on Shark Tank tonight. Mooky […]

Browndages Bandages

Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi invented Browndages Bandages so their kids could have bandages that match their skin color. Most bandages are “flesh tone.” I call it pink, but whatever. The couple figured there weren’t any bandages for black and brown people, so they decided to go ahead and make them themselves. They made their […]

Potty Time Adventures by Lil Advents

Mindy and Brandon Wright invented Potty Time Adventures because their daughter was “reluctant” to potty train. They wanted a way to make it fun for her. When Brandon started brainstorming, he recalled enjoying Advent calendars as a child. For you non-Catholics, Advent is from the Latin word  adventus meaning “coming” or “arrival.” It marks the […]

Hair Fin – Hair Cutting Tool

Hair Fin inventor Tony Litwinowicz has been cutting his own hair since he was a kid. He used to use clips, but they were only an inch long. He wanted a hair cutting tool that would allow him to leave his hair longer, so he invented his own. As Tony says: “The HairFin guides are […]

Lucy – Modern Day Camera Lucida

The first time Lucy inventor Les Cookson appeared on Shark Tank, he was laughed off the stage. He was pitching the Carsik Bib, a baby travel bib with a barf bag attached. It was a notable pitch as he had a baby doll puking up pea soup to demonstrate it. It’s still one of the […]

Swift Paws – Doggie Capture the Flag

Meghan Wolfgram invented Swift Paws to help her dogs stay engaged and get exercise. Meghan is a dog lover whose only full time job since college is running SwiftPaws. The product is a series of pulleys and line powered by a motor. Simply attach a flag to the line and turn it on. The flag […]

BusyBox – Smart Do Not Disturb Sign

Steve Skillin created the BusyBox in March, 2020. Like many of us, he was working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdowns. The problem was, he kept getting interrupted and he interrupted others in his household. He wanted a way to let others in his home that he was busy and vice versa. So […]

The Dirty Cookie – Cookie Shot Glasses

Shahira Marei invented The Dirty Cookie, in part, to make a difference in  the world. She was very concerned when she took a trip to Egypt with her dad and encountered kids her own age (10) living in impoverished conditions out in the streets. When she asked her dad for money to give to them […]

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