Long Wharf Supply Co – Recycled Sweaters

Long Wharf Supply Co founders and siblings Lauren and Michael Lamanga grew up on the water in Newburyport, Massachusetts. This led to leading what Michael calls a “salty life.” He was always boating and fishing. Once he became a New York City dweller, he began working with Harlem Lacrosse, an organization that uses lacrosse as […]

Proper Good Soup

Chris and Jennifer Jane have the skills to bring their Proper Good Soup to the masses. Chris attended Stanford’s business school and Jennifer has a background in marketing. Jennifer and Chris also created and founded a successful “clean” condiment business that they scaled nationally. They parted ways with their cofounder of Montana Mex, Eduardo Garcia, […]

Mute Me – Illuminated Mute Button

The Mute Me team is a study in speed to market. In just ten months they went from concept to shipped product. Part of it was they were solving a big problem brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic: conducting business meetings at home via the internet. Parents, including the  Mute Me team’s parents, often had […]

Custom Songs by Songlorious

Husband and wife team Ellen Hodges and Omayya Atout created Songlorious, their custom songs business, out of their love of music and each other. What they do is contract musicians all over the world to write and produce custom songs for any occasion. Imagine you’re getting married and you want the DJ to “play your […]

Paskho Clothing – Eco Friendly Lifestyle Apparel

Paskho Clothing designer Patrick Robinson has over 20 years experience working for the top fashion brands in the world. That experience made him think long and hard about the fashion industry’s sustainability. Factories that make clothing are big polluters according to the statistics listed on the Pasko Clothing website. When he started the business in […]

The Lion Latch – Portable Jewelry Holder

Lerin Lockwood invented The Lion Latch after she damaged her engagement ring while playing softball. She caught a fly ball and felt pain on her ring finger. When she removed her glove, the ring was bent and a stone was missing. That caused her to start thinking about a secure yet convenient way to store […]

KIN Apparel

KIN Apparel entrepreneur Philomina Kane is a Youtuber with a big following. She does videos about natural hair care for women of color. They feature her using natural products and giving styling tips. This led her to create her business which started as a line of satin lined hooded sweat shirts. She’s since expanded the […]

Uprising Food – Low Net Carb Bread

Kristen and William Schumacher created their business, Uprising Food, to make the tastiest Paleo and Keto diet bread on the planet. According to them (and a lot of their customers), they succeeded. Their website is chock full of great reviews and pictures of sandwiches customers made. The company also makes chips with similar ingredients. William […]

Shark Tank Season 13 Announced

ABC has formally announced Shark Tank Season 13. They previously announced the air date of the first episode, Friday October 8, 2021 at 8 PM eastern, but did not provide details until today. The six regular Sharks will return along with recurring guest Shark Daniel Lubetzski. New guest Sharks for Shark Tank season 13 are: […]

Phoozy Review

The good folks at Phoozy sent along some product for a Phoozy review. When I write about companies that appear on Shark Tank. I have to do a little research. When I heard Phoozy inventor Kevin Conway’s story about phones at the bottom of the lake he fishes in and phones melting in the sun, […]

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