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Umaro Foods – Vegan Bacon

Beth Zotter and Amanda Stiles created Umaro Foods, their vegan bacon business, to have a marketable product for their seaweed farming endeavors. The two women are working on developing seaweed farms to use as a food source, specifically a protein source. They believe seaweed can provide the world with more than enough protein for every […]

Compression Socks by Apolla

Kaycee Jones and Brianne Zborowski originally created Apolla, their line of compression socks, to provide more support for dancers. Ballet and other professional dancers put a lot of pressure on their feet and the women wanted to make a product that would help with that problem. They spent years learning how to do manufacturing and […]

Magnetic Pillow Forts by Fort

Anyone who was ever a kid has probably made pillow forts. You know the kind: you take some couch cushions and stack them up, maybe even put a sheet on top for the “roof.” The problem with those is they aren’t very stable. Conor Lewis saw that as a solvable problem when he was observing […]

Adaptive Clothing by No Limbits

No Limbits adaptive clothing founder Erica Cole created her first product out of necessity. Imagine you’re driving along and the next thing you remember is waking up in the hospital and your leg has been amputated. It would be rough on just about anyone, but Cole saw an opportunity. While getting used to dealing with […]

Round21 – Sporty Art

Round21 creator Jasmine Maietta has played basketball at every level, including a year in a woman’s professional basketball league in Spain. She’s also coached the sport at the high school and college level. Couple that with a big time professional career as a branding expert at Under Armor, Reebok and others and she has the […]

Young King Hair Care for Men and Boys of Color

Stefan and Cora Miller’s Young King Hair Care, a line of hair care products for men and boys of color, is the latest black owned business to be featured in season 13. The couple created the line in 2019 when they couldn’t find satisfactory, all natural hair care products for their own boys. Like any […]

MAGICdATES – Date Snacks

Diana Jarrar created MAGICdATES because she wanted to bring the yummy, nutritious snack she grew up eating to the rest of the world. She grew up in Syria before immigrating to the USA via Canada. Her favorite snack was always dates. In a way, dates are the perfect snack. They are high in phytonutrients, antioxidants, […]

Pawnix Headphones for Dogs

Kirsten Brand created Pawnix headphones for dogs to make sure her dog, Emma, wouldn’t get frightened by loud noises like fireworks or thunder. Many dogs – 30% according to the Journal Of American Veterinary Medical Association – freak out over loud noises and Emma happens to be one of them. She got the idea when […]

Prep Deck – Kitchen Organizer

Alexander Eburne invented Prep Deck, a revolutionary kitchen organization system, because his wife stopped cleaning up after him. He likes to cook and do the prep work and his wife did the clean-up. All that stopped when she had a baby, that’s when Alexander realized what an unorganized mess he made when prepping. Measuring spoons […]

Sun Flow – Beach Chairs

Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner first got the idea for Sun Flow beach chairs while on a beach vacation. They were packing up for a trip to the beach in their rental and things were disorganized and cumbersome. Leslie, a designer and serial entrepreneur, got to designing a beach chair and accessories that would suit […]

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