The Bumbling Bee – Vegan Junk Food

Cassandra and India Ayala started The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food and Burger Bar as a food truck in Virginia Beach. Cassandra was a realtor for many years and when the real estate bubble burst, she pivoted. While pivoting, she brought her three daughters, India, Olivia and Lexie, into the business with her. Since Olivia […]

The Salad Sling Replaces Salad Spinners

Jill Visit, creator of The Salad Sling, thought her salad spinner worked just fine. What she didn’t like about it is it takes up too much space and it’s hard to clean’ If you have one, you understand. You have to rearrange your fridge to store greens in the spinner and there are always little […]

The Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle

Justin Wang created the Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle because he finds the use of plastic water bottles a huge pollution problem. Single use plastics are choking the earth. The problem with reusable water bottles is they harbor bacteria and germs. With Larq, the bottle not only cleans itself, it also purifies the water in […]

Suds 2 Go – Mobile Hand Washing Bottle

Gabe and Cindy Trevizo didn’t invent Suds 2 Go because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it really blew up their sales. They originally created the product – a water bottle with an attached soap dispenser – to clean up with their young kids while participating in outdoor activities. Hand sanitizer can’t remove dirt and grease […]

TruffleShuffle – Online Chef Classes

Jason McKinney and Tyler Vorce created TruffleShuffle when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. They originally formed the company to sell truffles to San Francisco Bay area restaurants. When the pandemic shut restaurants down, they were sitting on 20 pounds (about $20,000 worth) of truffles.  They had to do something, so they decided to make cook at […]

Shark Tank Products on Amazon

There are many Shark Tank Products on Amazon since Mark Cuban set up a his own store to sell his companies’ products in 2016. In 2018, Amazon Launchpad opened a Shark Tank store as well. Users can toggle between companies by Shark investor there too. Amazon accounted for a little over half of all online […]

The Fur Zapper Zaps Fur Off Your Laundry

Michael Sweigart invented the Fur Zapper by accident. He was dabbling in special effects make up as a hobby and he dropped some of the “zombie face foam” on the floor. When he picked it up, it was loaded with pet hair. After seeing how easily it rinsed clean, the wheels started turning. Michael worked […]

Matte – Makeup “Countertop”

Melissa Clayton invented the Matte to solve a problem. The mom of three boys hated putting her hair dryer and makeup on her toilet while getting all gussied up in her small bathroom. She needed more counter space around her bathroom sink but that wasn’t happening. So she created a small – about the size […]

Cheese Chopper – 3 in 1 Cheese Gadget

Cheese Chopper inventor Tate Koenig likes his cheese so much, he calls himself “Mr. Cheese.” He eats a lot of cheese, so he found it to be expensive. The best way to save money on cheese is to buy it in big blocks, that way you aren’t paying for a lot of processing and packaging. […]

OpulenceMD Beauty – Magnetic False Eyelashes

Ophthalmologist and entrepreneur Dr. Anika Goodwin created OpulenceMD Beauty to protect women’s eyes from harmful glues associated with other commercially available false eyelashes. The lashes available on the market contain cyanoacrylate –  an ingredient in Crazy Glue! This glue tends to rip out your real lashes and causes allergic reactions for many. Dr. Goodwin wanted […]

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