Pan’s Shiitake Mushroom Jerky

Apparently, Buddhist monks have been eating mushroom jerky for decades, if not centuries. That’s what intrigued Michael Pan the most when he went to visit family in Malaysia a number of years ago. He visited his father’s family with his dad as a child and came away with a love of the culture and the […]

Prime-6 Charcoal – Eco Friendly Grilling

Oron and Riki Franco, the creators of Prime-6 Charcoal, never thought their favorite pastime would become a business. Riki was into finance and Oron was an accomplished chef before they started the business. Even though they both had professional success, their favorite activity was grilling with friends and family. You can bet the house their […]

K 9 Mask – Facemasks for Dogs

Kirby Holmes first got the idea for K 9 Mask because of wildfires near his grandparents’ house in California. People would wear masks to protect themselves from the smoke. Always the dog lover, he grew concerned about his dog inhaling smoke. He went searching for facemasks for dogs and he couldn’t find any, so he […]

Moment Meditation Drink

Aisha Chottani concocted the first batch of her Moment Meditation Drink to get the calm feeling of meditating without actually meditating. She turned to meditation while working as a management consultant to help reduce the stresses of her job. Aisha and her husband, Faheem Kajee, give the Sharks a taste of Moment in Shark Tank […]

The Liftid Neurostimulator

When Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz invented the Liftid Neurostimulator, he had more therapeutic ideas in mind. Schwartz is one of the top neurosurgeons in the world specializing in surgical treatment of brain tumors, pituitary tumors and epilepsy. His knowledge of the brain led him to invent Liftid for the masses. He cites hundreds of studies […]

The Foam Party Hat Company

The story of how the Foam Party Hat Company got started is very inspirational. Grace Rojas liked sewing and making fun hats out of foam material for family weddings back in her native Venezuela. When she made some for her daughter’s wedding in the early 2000’s, she never thought it would become her and her […]

Fit Fighter – Fire Fighter Inspired Weights

Sarah Apgar originally created her line of Fit Fighter weights to help with her and her department’s training. She joined the fire department in Huntington, NY after leaving the army, where she served in the Corps of Engineers as a business development analyst. She missed the camaraderie the army provided and she found it as […]

Bee D Vine – Honey Mead Wine

Ayele Solomon wants his honey wine called Bee D Vine to be the next big thing in the wine industry. He got the idea for making the product from his native Ethiopia where honey wine is still consumed regularly. Even though his business is located in the Napa Valley, he doesn’t use grapes in his […]

The Surprise Cake – Jack in the Box Cake Stand

Liz Charm created the Surprise Cake with a zip lock bag, a cell phone and a layer cake. She packed the bag with the phone inside a birthday cake for her daughter’s 12th birthday and she was definitely surprised. People at the party liked the concept, but Liz wanted something cleaner. She asked her son, […]

The Mighty Carver – Chainsaw Carving Knife

Kim Burney created the Mighty Carver in memory of her dad. She remembers her father and brothers using chainsaws at their family cabin in Montana. The brothers viewed this chore as a fun activity. Her dad always carved the Thanksgiving Turkey and after he passed away, nobody wanted the job. She said to her brothers […]

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