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Ski Bikes by TNGNT

Tngnt (pronounced “tangent”) ski bikes are a labor of love for co-founders and friends Bill Pierce and Scott Carr. They’ve been riding ski bikes together since the 1980’s but ski bikes have been used in the Alps as a mode of transportation for over 150 years. They first surfaced in the USA when a man […]

Crispy Cone Franchise Opportunity

Jeremy Carlson started his first Crispy Cone trailer while he was still a student at BYU. At first glimpse, you might think “big deal,” but it isn’t the soft serve ice cream that makes this ice cream shop franchise opportunity special, it’s the cones. While doing missionary work in Czechoslovakia, Jeremy saw what would become […]


Mike Cherkezian and Justin Barad created ChubbyButtons to solve a problem: operating your smart phone with gloves on. Imagine you’re skiing down a slope, listening to music on your phone and you want to change playlists. You’d have to stop, take off your gloves, take your phone out of your pocket and punch a few […]


Imagine you are on a road trip and you activate your AutioApp. The next thing you know, Kevin Costner is telling you a story about the area you are in. If it isn’t Costner, it could be John Lithgow, Phil Jackson, an historian or a local indigineous leader. The AutioApp is part podcast, part history […]

Woof App

Woof App creator Arsalan Khodabandelou has three dogs that he loves. Who doesn’t love their four legged friends? One day, he was almost in an accident and he got panicked. He worried what would happen to his dogs if he were unable to make it home for some reason. Theoretically, they could be there for […]

Sweet Kiwi Frozen Yogurt

Michael Akindele and Ehime Eigbem give the Sharks a taste of Sweet Kiwi, their healthy, whipped frozen yogurt brand. Ehime started experimenting with healthier foods in 2009, but she didn’t want to give up ice cream, so she began experimenting with frozen yogurt. Sweet Kiwi Whipped Greek Yogurt is what she came up with. She […]

Pluie Changing Tables

Addie Gundry and Brittany Hizer created Pluie Changing Tables out of sheer disgust. When the two entrepreneurial women started having kids, they realized how gross changing tables in public restrooms were. They’d go out with sanitizer and cleaning products in their diaper bags to sanitize changing tables when the need to use them arose. They […]

Flated Truck Bed Covers

Flated truck bed covers are made from the same material as inflatable SUP’s. That means they’re strong and durable, which is what entrepreneurs Ken Heove, Monique Keefer and Ryan Guay wanted from their relatively new product. The three, plus another partner who doesn’t appear in in Shark Tank episode 1419, started the company in early […]

Flower Cookies by Eat Your Flowers

Loria Stern started baking her flower cookies after taking a class in medicinal and edible plants back in 2011. After college at the University of Virginia, her love for food drew her to a career in the culinary arts. She didn’t get a degree in the culinary arts, she self taught herself. While living on […]

Youth Foria Makeup

Youth Foria Makeup creator Fiona Co Chan created her line of makeup to solve a problem she had: sha fell asleep in her makeup a lot. That’s not good for your skin. Most makeup has a lot of artifical ingredients that clog up your pores and make your skin cruddy if you fall asleep in […]

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