Shake-It-Pup – Dog Food Seasonings

Before creating Shake-It-Pup, AJ Crook and Brett Maiolfi were no strangers to the dog food business. In 2016, they launched Snap Wag, a successful craft dog food business. They make and sell high quality dog food in small batches. Shake It Pup morphed out of that business. Shake-It-Pup is a line of dog food seasonings […]

Bala Bangles – Fashion Wrist and Ankle Weights

Max Kislevitz and Natalie Holloway, husband and wife yoga enthusiasts and instructors, created Bala Bangles to put a better aesthetic on wrist and ankle weights. Adding weight to your wrists and ankles while doing yoga (or any exercise) has advantages: you get a little bit more muscle workout. Wrist and ankle weights are nothing new […]

Fur Oil – For Grooming Pubic Hair

Fur Oil is the creation of life long friends Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung. Laura initially came up with the idea in 2014 while chatting with her sister about grooming pubic hair. She sensed a need in the marketplace and, after doing some research, convinced herself there was. After a lot of phone calls, she […]

Pips & Bounce – Ping Pong Parlor

The Jung brothers – Eugene and Michael – started Pips & Bounce out of their life-long love of ping pong. They grew up playing in their basement with family and friends, but after they left home to start careers, their access to ping pong dwindled, but their love of the game was still strong. As […]

Shark Tank Returns to Friday Night

When Shark Tank first became a big hit in season three, it aired on Friday night. A few years back, ABC switched it to Sunday night – a move I didn’t like. Sunday nights are for football, Game of Thrones and Outlander (in that order) in my house, so having yet another viewing “commitment” thrown […]

Genius Juice – Ready to Drink Coconut Smoothies

Alex Bayer started Genius Juice back in 2014 to eat healthier. He became a “smoothie-holic” to avoid unhealthy junk food. When he tried his first coconut smoothie, he thought it was “GENIUS,” hence the name of the company. and Kickstarted it forward in May, 2015 with $15,375. His smoothies were very popular and he had […]

Ka-Pop – Ancient Grain Chips

Dustin Finkel invented Ka-Pop chips because he’s a fitness nut who loves to eat. Eating right isn’t always easy, especially when you’re craving chips, but what if the chips were healthy? Dustin asked himself the same question and started experimenting with ancient grain sorghum to make his Ka Pop Chips. At first he just made […]

Ready, Set, Food – Food Allergy Prevention for Babies

Doctors Katie Marks-Cogan and Andrew Leitner founded Ready, Set, Food after they had their own experiences with food allergy prevention with their own kids. Dr. Marks-Cogan was very attentive about introducing allergenic foods (milk, eggs, peanuts) to her child, but she didn’t like the hassle of measuring and hoping the kid would eat everything. Dr. […]

RapidRope – Rope in a Can

Geanie and Chris Rogers invented RapidRope to make hauling rope around more convenient. Whenyou go out hiking, hunting, fishing, boating or any other outdoor activity, you might want to bring some rope along. You never know what you’re going to need it for, but rest assured if you don’t bring any with you, you WILL […]

Haitian Black Castor Oil by Kreyol Essence

When Yve-Car Momperousse was a little girl, her mother would put Haitian Black Castor Oil in her hair when it got damaged. Whether her hair tore, got frizzed out or even got damaged by harsh chemicals or heat, a little bit of mom’s “magic oil” would fix up her hair. When Yve-Car was all grown […]

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