WalkeePaws – Leggings for Dogs

Lisa Baronoff invented WalkeePaws to protect her dogs’ paws from road salts during winter time. Road salt seriously irritates paws to the point of them splitting and dogs can ingest toxins if they lick their paws after exposure to road salt. The only solutions are to thoroughly wash your dog’s paws after exposure to road […]

Hop Scotch Coding App

Hop Scotch co-founder Samantha John started her business with educator Jocelyn Leavitt in 2013. They wanted a way to get more girls interested in programming and engineering. She was 26 at the time. The original app was designed to teach kids ages 8-12 to code using visual programming language for touch screen devices like the […]

Everything Legendary Vegan Burgers

Looking at this picture, you wouldn’t think those were vegan burgers stacked up there. They look like real, juicy burgers and that’s what Jumoke Jackson, Danita Gassen and Duane Cheers cook up every day at Everything Legendary, their vegan café and now ecommerce vegan burgers purveyor. They initially opened in Washington, D.C. in 2019 with […]

The Better Bedder – Makes a Neater Bed

Judy Schott and Nita Gassen originally invented The Better Bedder as a device to make bunk beds easier. It really didn’t help, but they discovered it could do a lot of  cool things for regular beds – one of the biggies is it holds your sheets in place. Picture a giant headband that goes around […]

The Souper Cube – Frozen Portion Control

Michelle Sendowski first thought about the Souper Cube while figuring out how to store home made chicken broth. She wanted something that would give her precise portion control while easily fitting into the freezer. At the time, she was dating her husband, Jacob, who appears with her in the Shark Tank pitching their business. In […]

Sienna Sauces – Sauce for Anything

Sauce Boss Tyla-Simone Crayton made her first batch of Sienna Sauces when she was just 8 years old. She wanted to replicate the sauce from her favorite wing joint which had closed. Now she’s a national teen entrepreneurial phenomenon. She has her product in WalMart, Wegman’s and dozens of smaller grocery chains. What really got […]

Pashion Heels and Flats

Haley Pavone invented Pashion heels after getting her foot impaled by a stiletto heel. She’d taken her own heels off because they were hurting her feet while dancing. The next day, she started researching how to make a high heeled shoe that could convert into a flat. That was 2016. Four and a half years […]

Byoot Bathing Suits

Elyce Billany invented Byoot bathing suits after wrangling with a wet one piece bathing suit in a dirty Jamaican bathroom. She wanted an easier way to remove her suit and as soon as she got back from that vacation, she got to work on designs. She didn’t let the fact that she had no experience […]

Pizza Cupcakes – Bite Sized Pizza

Andrea Meggiato made his first Pizza Cupcakes in his home kitchen. When he immigrated from Italy, he worked in the food business, so he was used to experimenting with food. One day, he made a small bite sized pizza with sourdough and brioche and his wife dubbed them Pizza Cupcakes. As more friends and family […]

Jax Sheets for Men

Wen Muenyi got the idea for Jax Sheets after buying expensive silk sheets for himself. He loved the way they feeled, but he didn’t like the price, so he set out to create sheets that had a silk feel without the price tag. He also wanted the sheets to be sustainable. Wen settled on bamboo […]

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