Pop Pacifier by Doddle and Company

Doddle and Company’s Pop Pacifier is the result of an intercontinental entrepreneurial partnership. Nicki Radzely and Janna Badger developed the product – a pacifier with a “disappearing nipple,” while Radzely was in the New York area and Badger was in Korea. Badger actually came up with the idea while working in design in San Francisco. Her […]

Zuva – African Inspired Clothing

Zuva is a line of African inspired clothing created and curated by entrepreneur Kelechi Anyadiegwa. She started the business after getting compliments on her own African inspired wardrobe. Instead of telling people where to buy the clothes, she smelled a business opportunity and started her company. That was in 2014. With just $500, some technical […]

The Wing Man – Inflatable Life Preserver

Pat Hughes invented the Wing Man life-preserver after a tragic drowning occured in his very first triathlon. He realized the need for a light-weight life-preserver that didn’t inhibit movement while participating in water sports. He, along with Hyde Sportswear partner Mike Fox designed a low-bulk, sleek, inflatable life vest that anyone could wear comfortably. Traditional […]

The Savy App – Shopping App by Disha Shidham

Disha Shidham, creator of the Savy App, is an intelligent young woman. She created her “comparative shopping” app for millenials who want high fashion, but don’t want to pay high prices. Nearly a quarter of the US population are millennials and tapping into their purchasing power is critical for the survival of many brands and […]

Rounder Bum – Body Shaping Underwear

Body shaping undergarments aren’t new, but Rounder Bum creator Jonathan Diersing wants to sell them to men. Women have had all sorts of body shaping/enhancing under garments for years (think “push-up bra”), but men were woefully under represented in that category. In 2015, Diersing launched his company with undies to give men some lift and support […]

The Guzzle Buddy – Extreme Wine Glass

The Guzzle Buddy was “invented” because of a TV show. Creators Jennifer Jo Sullivan and Randy Rothfus were watching an episode of Cougar Town that featured a product called “Guzzle Buddy.” The product was fictitious, as Jennifer found out while looking for it online. When she didn’t find it, she went out and trademarked the […]

The Brush Hero – Ultimate Detail Brush

Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer, the guys who invented The Brush Hero, believe the devil is in the details. The two avid bicyclists and car lovers wanted a good way to “bust the muck” that gets on their beloved machines, but there wasn’t a cleaning tool good enough for them on the market. So they […]

Scott Jordan Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Scott Jordan appeared in season three of Shark Tank in what was, at the time, the highest watched Shark Tank episode to date. It was a wild and entertaining episode. He refused to say the name of his business – ScottEvest – because if he did the producers would have a claim on 5 percent […]

Zup Boards for Wake Riding

Zup Boards are for people who like playing on the water but don’t like overloading their boats with toys. I know recreational boaters with tubes, wakeboards and water skis on board. It can get cluttered. Zup Boards knows that and they made their product so versatile, it’s all you’ll need on board. Whether you want […]

Panda Loon – Dog Costumes and More

The first time you see Eugenia Chen’s dog Huxley running around in a Panda Loon costume, you can’t help but chuckle. Chen, who loves both pandas and Huxley, her Pomeranian, started Panda Loon in 2013 as more of a side business than anything else. Chen teaches math at She sells dog accessories, panda bear related […]

Boobie Bars – Herbal Lactation Bars

Despite the rather colorful search results that pop up when you google “Boobie Bars,” it’s actually a real product with real benefits for nursing moms and children. Each Boobie Bar has a mix of all natural herbs that provide a daily dose of galactagogues – nutrients that increase lactation in nursing mothers. Having a child wreaks […]

Alices Table Flower Arranging Biz Opp

Alices Table is like having a Tupperware party, but with flowers. Here’s the deal: for 700 bucks, you get all the training, back-end support, and flowers for a 20 person event. Once you pay, you are an “Event Executive” in the Alices Table world. Execs can expect to earn $400-$500 per event. All the execs […]

The Dude Robe – The Robe for Everything

Howie Busch calls the Dude Robe and its associated accessories “towel-lined lounging apparel for men.” That pretty much says it all. He set out to make a better bath robe in 2017 on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and the dudes ate it up. The bathrobe is a utilitarian piece of “clothing” at best, but Busch made […]

The Long Hairs – Hair Products for Men with Epic Flows

Lindsay “El Moreno” Barto and Chris “El Rubio” Healey are two long hairs who decided to make a business out of selling products to men with long hair. They’re also responsible for the best Shark Tank press photo ever (see above). In order to get the guy sharks in the long-haired mind-set, they brought them […]

Greatest of All-Time Pet Speaker

The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Pet Speaker is one of many products in the GOAT Pet Products line. “Petrepreneur” Michelle Winowich initially started the company to give pet owners a place to buy quality pet products at good prices. While the business is primarily focussed on selling the pet speaker, GOAT also sells dog treats. […]

Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry Mix

Joe and Maranda Dowell first created Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry Mix way back in the 1990’s when Joe opened four restaurants focussing on his fried delicacies. Two of those restaurants, both in New Orleans, were destroyed by hurricane Katrina in 2005. That’s when Joe started focussing on more event style catering to drive his business. […]

Stasher Bags – Reusable Storage Bags

Stasher Bags inventor Kat Nouri is no stranger to building a big business. She’s the founder of a $10 million business called Modern Twist which makes silicone-based baby products. Nouri likes packing healthy lunches and snacks for her kids, but she hates the idea of using disposable, plastic bags. With that in mind, she took her […]

Re Charj Nap and Meditation Studios

Re Charj founder Daniel Turissini knows the power of power naps. When he was working 80 hours a week as a consultant in the busy Washington DC area, he found he needed time to decompress during his day. He wasn’t alone. Friends and colleagues shared stories of sneaking off to the bathroom or their cars for […]

i Fork Utensils and Party Ware

Kyle Donovan created i Fork to solve a simple problem: keeping the business end of a fork off a germ-filled restaurant table. When you place any utensil on a table, the part that goes in your mouth touches the table. This is disturbing when you think about how well or poorly) a restaurant wipes down […]

Detra Pel Stain Guard Spray

Detra Pel wasn’t David Zamarin’s first business. The young entrepreneur started – and sold – his first business at age 15. That company, LickYourSole, was a shoe and sneaker detailing service that largely targeted college and pro athletes. Zamarin sold it to an employee for $25,000. As you might imagine, Zamarin has a passion for sneakers, […]

Fry Wall Splatter Stopper

Fry Wall inventor Yair Reiner likes to cook. From the sound of things, he gets pretty fancy in the kitchen, too. One day, while frying a duck breast, he splattered oil all over the stove top. If you ever cleaned up after frying, you know it’s a real mess. Once he finished cleaning up, he […]

I Nirv Smart Stove Knobs

I Nirv inventors Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer have a solution for folks who mistakenly leave their stove on. It turns out, there’s an app for that. The pair created stove knobs that, when paired with a sensor, automatically turn the stove off if it detects smoke or gas. You can also turn the stove off […]

Elliptical – Stepper Stroller

Pier Paolo Visconti, creator of the Elliptical Stepper Stroller, is no stranger to dealing with wealthy “shark-types.” The Italian born entrepreneur sells investment properties and high-end residential real estate in the booming Miami, Florida market. In 2016 he listed Miami’s most expensive residential property: a $39 million waterfront estate on nearly two acres. It’s safe […]

BirdDogs Let Men “Go Commando”

Peter Baldwin got the idea for BirdDogs while experiencing a wedgie on a sales trip to London. He was in a suit, crammed into an airplane seat and his undies were bunching up. It was then he decided he wanted to leave his job as an IBM sales executive and start his own business. He […]

Kickstarting The Comfy

Brian and Michael Speciale hope to start their business in the Tank when they pitch The Comfy, their sweatshirt/blanket, in the Shark Tank Holiday Special – episode 910. Their product, a humongous hooded, fleece-lined sweatshirt that doubles as a blanket, isn’t even in production yet. They’ll be pitching a prototype when they enter the Shark […]

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