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Overplay Games

overplay games

In the vast world of gaming, innovation knows no bounds. Every so often, a new platform emerges, promising to revolutionize the way games are created and shared. One such platform making waves in the gaming industry is Overplay.

What is Overplay Games, you may ask? Imagine a space where creativity meets gaming, where users are not just players, but creators too. Overplay is exactly that—a user-generated gaming platform that empowers individuals to craft their own games from short videos and share them with the world. Founded by Dan Projansky and Caroline Strzalka, both seasoned interactive media executives, Overplay Games is on a mission to democratize game development, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or expertise.

Overplay Games: The Concept

The concept behind Overplay Games is simple yet groundbreaking. It merges the personal connection of social media with the addictive fun of hyper-casual games, allowing users to create and share short games derived from any video quickly and effortlessly. This novel approach to gaming has garnered significant attention, with Overplay boasting over 1 million games played and 150,000 alpha app downloads.

What sets Overplay Games apart is its commitment to innovation. The platform holds a first-mover advantage with its patented technology, offering unique UI features such as “playing your game into existence” and live streaming games. This blend of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design has attracted the support of prominent investors, including Village Global, Gaingels, and Sound Media Ventures, among others.

A Wealth of Experience

Co-founders Dan Projansky and Caroline Strzalka bring a wealth of experience to the table, with Projansky being an award-winning game designer and Strzalka a seasoned business development executive. Together, they share a vision of revolutionizing the gaming landscape and empowering creators worldwide.

In a press release, Dan Projansky, CEO and Co-founder of Overplay said “We’re thrilled to see such a positive response from investors and creators. Overplay is all about democratizing game development, and we’re excited to welcome our community as co-owners on this incredible journey.”

Caroline Strzalka, COO and Co-founder of Overplay, echoed Projansky’s sentiments, emphasizing the platform’s potential to transform the way we interact with video content. “Overplay is going to change how we interact with video forever,” she said. “This round of funding will help us bring our platform to even more users, content creators, and brands around the world.”


Overplay’s community investment round is open to everyone via Wefunder, with a minimum investment of $100. The capital raised will be used to expand Overplay’s team, accelerate product development, and drive user acquisition. With thousands of creators already on the waitlist eagerly anticipating the beta version of Overplay’s game maker, the future looks bright for this innovative gaming platform.

My Take on Overplay Games

I am an avid gamer. I like all kinds of video games, so I downloaded the app. There are games loaded on there and you can invite friends to join you. The first game that you can play is a racing game called “Mastering Monaco.” It looks like the cockpit camera of a Formula One race car. You “steer” the car by tilting your phone. I totally killed this game! The next game was a snowboarding game featuring a video of Raibu Katayama from one of his Olympic runs. I didn’t do so good on that one.

There really weren’t any good videos to upload and turn into a game on my phone. I tried using a video of my dog shredding a stuffed animal, but it wasn’t very good. People with GoPro cameras could probably make some fun games. It’s a really cool app.

Do Sharks Like Video Games?

Usually, when someone comes in the Tank and they already have Venture Capitalists involved, the ask is too high and the percentage of equity is too low for the Sharks. That said, there have been some creative deals done by Mark Cuban.

I don’t think Barbara, Lori or Kevin will make offers, but I cand see Mark and Jason Blum teaming up. Blum could add a lot of content for games and Mark could add his tech saavy team.

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