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The Style Club

the style clubHillary Novelle Hahn wants the Sharks to join her club – The Style Club – when she pitches her business in Shark Tank episode 808. Hahn is a fashion veteran who designed and sold a tween cosmetics line at age 16. She got her start while touring with Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera as an opening act. She designed her own stage costumes and tour sponsor, Levi’s Jean, made her the “Levis girl.” She attended Columbia University and after graduating in 2007, she went on to be a fashion commentator for the Style Haul YouTube channel.

In 2014, she began The Style Club, creating custom, celebrity-themed clothing for teenage girls. She created a vibrant online community on various social media platforms. By partnering with celebrities teens like, she’s able to stay current with their fickle fashion trends. Her goal is to be  “a one-stop-shop for creating flash sale, limited edition capsule collections with young Hollywood starlets.”

The latest line of clothing, called Muse, is a limited edition collaboration with actress Kelli Berglund and celebrity stylist Adeel Khan. Most of The Style Club clothing is moderately priced jeans, jackets, sweatshirts, and hats. She plans to go on the road to interact with teens in small towns across America. She likely needs funds for her journey.

Will a Shark think this business is stylish enough and invest?

The Style Club Shark Tank Recap

Hillary enters seeking $500,000 for 20% of her business. There are several “mannequins” onstage wearing her clothing. It turns out, they’re real people! She gives her pitch and tells how people can shop for her clothing. She hands out personalized varsity jackets for each of the Sharks; the jackets cost $60.

She has clothing in every Urban Outfitters store. The company actually approached her due to her social media savvy. Total sales are $400,000 over just 3-4 months. Unfortunately, she has an exclusive deal with Urban Outfitters. Kevin doesn’t like that and he goes out.

Robert wants to know the long term plan, but Barbara speaks up. She says there is no room for a partner now; she’s out. Lori thinks she should keep moving product through Urban Outfitters, which conflicts with Hillary’s vision of online sales; she’s out. Robert thinks $500,000 is too much given the lack of data; he’s out.

Daymond offers $500,000 for 33.3%. Mark comes in with a different angle. He offers a $500,000 line of credit at 8% for 22% of the business. Hillary accepts.

The Style Club Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Mark closed. After Shark Tank, Hillary got her online store going and got into more retailers.

There was some controversy surrounding this deal. Billionaire investor Howard Marks claims he invested in The Style Club in 2012 and Hillary created a NEW Style Club to pitch to Shark Tank. He lays it all out in this article. Fast forward to June, 2021 and the company has active social media accounts through May, 2021, but there is no website? Hillary’s LinkedIn profile says she still works at Style Club, but again NO WEBSITE. Something is hinky here. Perhaps Mr. Marks’ follow up explains the lack of a company website. As of May, 2022, it appears the company is out of business.

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