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Obvious Wines

obvious winesBrice Baillie hopes the Sharks like Obvious Wines when he pitches the brand in Shark Tank episode 1011. He believes you shouldn’t need a PhD to drink wine and created a line of simply-explained, fairly priced and delicious wines. He noticed a big gap between the love of wine and the public’s knowledge of them.

Obvious Wines takes the snobbery out of wine. Baillie offers wines from around the world with simple explanations on the labels. He sources only the finest vineyards using sustainable farming practices. So far, there are currently 4 wines in the line and their names speak to the non-intimidating nature of the brand. No1 Dark and Bold (red), No2 Bright and Crisp (white), No3 Light and Lovely (pinot noir) and No 5 French and Bubbly (sparkling). All but the No5 cost $18 per bottle, the No5 is $25.

Baillie started selling his wine in California. Initially, he used wines picked at tasting parties in his home. The first purchasers actually named the company. They went door to door to get the wine on store shelves. You can buy the wines in Las Angeles and Orange counties and on the company website (free shipping with an order of more than 6 bottles). Baillie likely needs a Shark’s help getting distribution beyond California. Will a Shark take a sip?

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Obvious Wines Shark Tank Recap

Brice enters seeking $150k for 5% of his business. As he explains himself, he hands out samples. The Sharks appear to like the wine as they sip it. What they don’t like is the business isn’t proven – the wine is only in about 100 stores and doesn’t have the volume of sales (only $100,000 to date) to excite the Sharks.

Kevin politely goes out as he has a conflict of interest with his own wine company. Lori, however, is interested. She knows women buy a lot of wine and want a simpler way to pair wine with food. She believes in Brice’s concept and branding and offers $150,000 for 12.5% of the business. After some negotiating, Lori invests $160,000 for 12.5%.

After Brice leaves, the Sharks shout “the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin!”

Obvious Wines Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Obvious Wine updated their website and increased the number of available wines from 5 to 6. The deal with Lori never closed as he got another investment at a better valuation between taping and airing. 2020 sales were $1.3 million, up 34% from 2019. As of March 2021, the company is doing a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine at an $11 million valuation. The campaign raised $223,512. By 2022, they were in around 500 retail locations in six states. As of August, 2023, the company had over $4 million in annual revenue.