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Twist it Up

twist it upNoel Durity hopes the Sharks like his invention, the Twisted Up Comb, when he pitches it in episode 1011. If you think the Twisted Up Comb looks like a tennis racquet, that’s because Durity actually used a tennis racquet as a comb for almost three years. His comb version is a more pocket friendly size, but it does the same thing.

For African-American men, grooming hair can get tricky, especially if you have thick, coarse locks. Durity’s solution is the tennis racquet-like “comb” that uses stainless steel instead of graphite. This lets a guy twist thick hair into a curl pattern without catching or removing any pre-applied hair products. Before he invented this comb, a lot of men used a twisting or curling sponge. The sponges did the trick, but were unsanitary and needed frequent replacement. Durity’s comb cleans up easy, since it’s plastic and stainless steel.

The Twist it Up Comb is patented. Durity developed it at Deskhub in San Diego, a boutique, flexible office facility that offers small businesses a collaborative atmosphere. The company started in 2017 and currently sells in over 100 barber shops and online hair care stores and on Amazon. A new comb will set you back $29.99. The company also sells its own Red One Aqua Hair Wax at $30 for a three pack. The company is 100% black owned and they make their products in the USA.

Durity likely wants a Shark’s help (and cash) to expand production and distribution.

Twist it Up Company Information

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Twist it Up Shark Tank Recap

Noel enters seeking $225,000 for 15% of the business. After telling the story about his comb, he hands out samples and explains he’s looking for a strategic partner. 2018 sales of $500,000  are 70% online and 30% wholesale. Noel’s problem is inventory. He completely sold out of product 7 times and faces long lead times from his manufacturer.

He wants to build his inventory so he can approach CVS, Sally Beauty and other retailers. The Sharks express concern over his new hire (an accountant) and fear his “back office” is in disarray. Despite that, both Mark and Daymond like Noel and admire his hustle. They team up to offer $225,000 for 25% of the business which Noel readily accepts.

Twist it Up Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Twist it Up benefitted from the Shark Tank effect. Sales went through the roof.

Mark lists the company on his website and he is promoting it on his Amazon Store page. On the company’s website and Amazon Store pages, they tout the business as a “Mark Cuban/Daymond John Company,” so it appears the deal closed.

The comb ran into some problems with knock offs. We’ll learn more about that in an update segment in episode 1217. In the update, Noel went around to different stores and confronted people about the knock-off. He got invoices, tracked the companies down and forced them to cease and desist.

As of June, 2021, he has released Twist it Up 3.0 with a more ergonomic handle and a new version of the Red One Hair Gel. By August, 2022, he released the Twist It Up 4.0 with 3 switchable twist inserts for varying lengths. The products are also available in City Trends stores. As of August, 2023, he is doing quite well with annual revenue of  $6 million.