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Squirrel Boss

squirrel Boss

Michael DeSanti, an aerospace professional turned entrepreneur, pitches Squirrel Boss in Shark Tank episode 421. The Squirrel Boss is a squirrel proof bird feeder that deters squirrels from eating the bird food by delivering a harmless static shock. The shock is delivered by remote control and DeSanti claims it’s a sensation “similar to walking across the carpet and then touching something. It is harmless, but you avoid it. So will the squirrels.” The shock is delivered via a remote control, so you can “train” the squirrels to leave the bird food alone while having a little devilishly harmless fun. It also deters deer, racoons, other small mammals, and even bears. DeSanti took nearly two years to perfect his design and he’s been selling the Squirrel Boss online since 2009.

Squirrel Boss Shark Tank Recap

Michael DeSanti comes in to the Tank asking for a $130,000 investment in return for 40% of his squirrel-shocking business. He gives a brief introduction of his product, and Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban try out the zapper. Not to be left out, Robert Herjavec and Daymond John take a shock. Kevin O’Leary declines a chance at getting zapped.

Once it’s well established that the shock is startling but not painful for the animal, the Sharks want to know whether animal rights activists will object to the technique. DeSanti explains  that activists like the Squirrel Boss because the alternative is usually fatal to the animals. The brief shocks discourage the squirrels without causing permanent harm, an option that will appeal to animal lovers.

DeSanti has sold $196,000 worth of his Squirrel Boss feeders thus far. He had an Angel investor who put up $140,000, an he’s been able to repay all but $38,000 of that original investment. He’s spent $60,000 on marketing without much boost in sales.

Robert Herjavec feels the product is more of a novelty than a solid competitor. “I don’t want to get zapped again,” he says, and goes out.

Lori Greiner thinks zapping a squirrel is “a little sadistic.” She’s out.

Mark Cuban “is just not a squirrel whisperer.” He’s out.

Kevin O’Leary goes out without explanation, leaving Daymond John, who thinks for only a moment before going out.

DeSanti declares he “won’t leave” without a Shark Deal, but Kevin O’Leary tells him to put his hand on the Squirrel Boss and hand him the remote, threatening to shock him off just like the squirrels. DeSanti leaves the Tank without a Shark deal.

Squirrel Boss Shark Tank Update

Although the Sharks aren’t in the squirrel-zapping business, the effective, and admittedly entertaining product is available online at Amazon, and appears to be selling briskly. The Facebook page is active, and the product is getting mostly positive reviews from online retail outlets. Shockingly, the Squirrel Boss is one product the Sharks may have been foolish to pass up.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of negative reviews on Amazon and he ceased selling there before closing the business in 2016.

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  1. So I didn’t get a deal with a Shark. But I did get a deal with a private investor of equal caliber after returning home from filming my segment ST4 Episode 421. Assuring my new partner that my animated, entertaining and fierce performance on stage was rated a 9.5 on the scale of 1 to 10 by my producer, we started to prepare for our Air Date. They saved the best for last in season 4 when they put Squirrel Boss right before the finale. Our Premier was May 3rd, 2013 on ABC Television’s Shark Tank. Our set was beautiful, we had 4 Sharks on stage shocking each other and I refused to leave without a deal. It was too funny. Watch the full episode at

  2. Where can I buy this Squirrel Boss, love it

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