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Yumble Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 10

yumbleDavid and Joanna Parker pitch Yumble, their pre-made meal delivery service for kids, in Shark Tank episode 1005. Yumble started when Joanna began creating wholesome, healthy meals for her own kids. She wanted good foods but realized assembling meals for kids could be a chore. The Parkers have three children and they can be picky.

She started experimenting making pre-made meals with foods most kids already liked: pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, etc. The Yumble difference is they only use nutrient-dense vegetables, grains, proteins, fats, herbs, and spices to help young bodies grow up healthy. When she first started making meals for other families, there was a long waiting list!

No More Waiting

All Yumble meals are ready to eat and are sourced with seasonal, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible. There are dozens of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some menu items include Mac and Trees – mac and cheese with broccoli or chicken pops with baked carrot fries. Of course they offer gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and vegetarian options. All meals are made to eat right out of the box.

Meal packages come in 6, 12 or 24 meals per week. You sign up for the plan and orders are shipped on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday – depending on your location. You can skip any week and cancel anytime. Parents pick the meals from the weekly menu. A six meal plan costs $47.84, a twelve meal plan is $89.88 and a twenty-four meal plan is $167.76. There is a 25% discount on the first two weeks, which scrubs up at less than six bucks per meal.

In September, 2018, Yumble raised $8.5 million from a venture group that includes Sonoma Brands. The Parkers want to use the money for marketing, hiring and national expansion. Perhaps a Shark will want in on this hot new venture too.

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Yumble Shark Tank Recap

David and Joanna enter the Shark Tank seeking $500,000 for 4% of their business. They tell their story and explain the business before handing samples to the Sharks. The Sharks think the food is delicious. They also like the numbers. The meals are$6.99-$7.99 and sales for the year (2018) are at$1.3 million with 30% growth each month. Customer acquisition costs have gone from $100 to $40 and 70% of customers re-order.

Mark and Kevin are concerned about how competitive this space is and they each go out. Bethenny offers $500,000 for 15%. Rohan offers $500,000 for 12% and he invites Lori to join him in the deal. Bethenny counters with $500,000 for 6% and they accept.

Yumble Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Bethenny never closed. The couple raised $12.5 million from venture investors. As a result of complaints about portion size, the company introduced Yumble Up for older kids.  The business continued to grow and as of August, 2022, they have annual revenue of  $8 million. In December, 2022, the company shut its doors and it was acquired by Dibz Kidz, a company that offered a similar service to Yumble, for an undisclosed amount. They plan to continue to operate under the Yumble brand. As of July, 2024, Dibz Kidz is out of business.