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Zorpads Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 10

zorpadsTaylor Wiegele and Sierra Smith want the Sharks to help them launch Zorpads, their shoe odor elimination pads, in Shark Tank episode 1009. Zorpads is the newest and most convenient shoe odor elimination pad on the market. The secret is “NASA-tested technology,” which is something Taylor came across while working as a chemical engineer.

Taylor and Sierra developed the product as a school project while attending Harvard Business School. They further developed it in the Harvard Innovations Lab. With $25,000 in venture funding, they got the product ready for market and have a patent pending. They wanted to solve a problem and while testing prototypes, they found most people were dissatisfied with shoe odor elimination products; powders were too messy and inserts too bulky.

Zorpads are smaller than a business card and stick to the insole of any shoe. They work for about 60 wears before needing replacement. Each Zorpad has a moisture wicking layer, an odor absorbing layer and an adhesive layer. The “secret sauce” is the odor absorbing layer. It’s a porous, carbon fabric with the surface area of a tennis court – it literally vacuums up foot stink.

At $4-$5 per pair, they’re affordable. Bought in bulk, they’re even less expensive. While the company’s seen over 100% growth since launching in August, 2017, they surely know a Shark can accelerate growth even faster. Will a Shark want to partner in this smelly business?

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Zorpads Shark Tank Recap

Taylor and Sierra enter seeking $150,000 for 8% of the business. They explain the product and hand out samples as they tell about their $103,000 in sales since launching in 2017. Taylor explains he discovered the technology while working at SpaceX. The Sharks are intrigued.

While other odor eliminating products use activated charcoal, their technology sets them apart. They explain they want an investment to build a brand and do marketing. Mark doesn’t like their marketing strategy and goes out. Lori offers to go in with Charles at $150,000 for 30% explaining that she’ll bring Charles and his size seventeens to QVC to demonstrate. Kevin and Robert each offer $150,000 for 20%. Every Shark but Mark is in.

A bidding war follows as Taylor and Sierra counter Lori and Charles with $150,000 for 20%. They say no, then Kevin drops to 15% and Robert drops to 12%. Lori capitulates and goes to 22.5%. Mark tells Taylor and Sierra not to quibble over 2.5% and they accept the deal.

Zorpads Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. It is unclear whether Lori and Charles closed the deal as of May, 2019. However, the product is selling briskly on Amazon and is available at Wal Mart.

In March, 2020, the company decided to donate 10% of their profits to No Kid Hungry to make sure kids had food during the Covid-19 pandemic. Taylor also stepped away from the business the same month.

As of June, 2021, it looks like Lori stepped away from this deal, but Charles did not. Apparently, they had some supply chain issues in the spring of 2021 as their products are on backorder. Their website says they’ll be shipping in June, but I am updating this page on 6/23/2021. They eventually resolved their supply chain issues and as of August, 2022, they are fully stocked. In April, 2023, they are having inventory issues again with orders to be fulfilled in May. In October, 2023, they are back in stock. Lifetime revenues are at $4 million.