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Gryp Mat Tool Tray

gryp matGryp Mat inventor Tom Burden simply got tired of dropping his tools while working on airplanes and jets. As an Air Force jet mechanic, he often had various ratchets, wrenches and other tools lying out while working. Jets don’t have many flat surfaces to rest tools on and it became a pain in his neck.

He created Gryp Mat to prevent this problem. Gryp Mat is a rubber/silicone tray that contours and sticks to irregularly shaped, sloped surfaces. It let him set his tools down without dropping or misplacing them. He thought it was such a good idea, he started a Kickstarter to bring the product to lie. The Kickstarter folks liked the idea and funded it to the tune of $133,000!

Now, Burden wants a Shark to help him blow the company up. While succeeding on Kickstarter is one thing, a Shark can make a product a household word. Access to mass market retail is one thing they can help him with, but Burden likely wants the entire Shark Tank effect to carry the day. We’ll see if a Shark gets a grip on this innovative product in episode 912.

My Take on Gryp Mat

I replaced a head gasket in a 1986 Toyota pick up truck many years ago. It took me two weeks – that’s the last time I undertook an auto repair of any magnitude. I do have a lot of tools and I use them around the house frequently. I don’t work on my cars and I certainly don’t own a plane; my tools are for home improvement tasks. I wear a tool belt when I break out the tools.

People who work on cars and engines will love this product. When you have your head stuck in a tight space, you need your tools close at hand. Laying them on the car is no good – you could scratch something or it could slide off and bonk you in the head. I imagine working on planes is even more challenging. Tinkerers and repair people will love this product. I’m in.

Will Sharks get a Grip and Invest?

This is a Lori product all the way. It has mass appeal, demonstrates well and it’s moderately priced. I expect her to bid and bid hard. Robert is a car guy – but I don’t think he does much of his own work. He will recognize its utility and he could be a bidder as well. Perhaps Robert and Lori will team up?

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