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Shark Tank Gift Box from CNBC

Shark Tank Gift BoxThis is a picture of a Shark Tank Gift Box I just got in the mail. One of the cool things about writing the Shark Tank Blog is people, like the good folks at CNBC, send me goodies. They promised me a Shark Tank gift box so I could help them promote #SharkTankTuesdays on CNBC.

CNBC also plans to air Shark Tank for FIVE NIGHTS (September 22-26) as a lead-in to the Season Six Premiere Episode on Friday September 26, which airs on ABC. Looks like a whole lotta Shark Tank in the coming weeks!

Shark Tank Gift Box

Back to the Shark Tank Gift Box. It’s a spiffy bit of packaging, to be sure.

shark tank gift box

Note the tooth marks! The picture of the Sharks is nice and there were five products inside. Each product represents a successful Shark deal.

shark tank gift origaudio

There is a pair of Fold and Play Speakers from OrigAudio. Robert invested in this business in season 2, investing $150,000 for 15% of the company. I am going to put this aside for a Christmas gift!

shark tank gift

The next item in the box was a Gobie Filtered Water Bottle. Gobie partnered with Daymond in season 4 when they accepted $300k for 40% of Gobie. I already have a Gobie (it’s a good water bottle), so this will be a Christmas gift, too!

shark tank gift box

Next up is some Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce. This is a business Barbara invested in way back in season one. She got 50% of the business for $50K. I am going to try this stuff out the next time I smoke some ribs!

shark tank gift box

There was a bottle of ReBoot Energy Spray from Marz Sprays. Lori partnered with Marz Sprays in season four when she invested $200K for 25% of the business. Marz went on to international sales and is doing BIG business. I’m taking the ReBoot Spray on a cross-country road trip to help me stay alert at the wheel.

shark tank gift boxThe last item is a jar of Nuts n More Chocolate Peanut Butter. Mark and Robert teamed up on this deal, investing $250k for a 35% of the business ($75k up front and $175K for future purchase orders) in season four. This stuff is CRAZY DELICIOUS, I tried it when the show first aired. I am a peanut butter fanatic and I will be eating this all by myself! Not.Sharing.

Each product in the Shark Tank Gift Box represents a successful Shark Tank business and I’d like to thank CNBC for sharing it with me.

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