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Nature’s Wild Berries

nature's wild berriesHank Watt and Juliano Bonanni did not invent Nature’s Wild Berries, but they did make them go viral on Tik Tok. The berries are actually Ledidi Berries which are a native plant in West Africa. Hank and Juliano grow theirs outside of Miami on their farm. They also freeze dry and package them there. Their freeze drying process is patent pending.

What makes Nature’s Wild Berries so special is they’re essentially an artificial sweetener. When you bite into one of the berries, anything you eat for the next half hour or so will taste sweet – even lemons! Hank claims he lost 80 pounds substituting the berries for sweets.

While they seem to live up to their other nick name, “miracle berries,” people should be cautious about consuming mass quantities of these berries. If you eat too much, it can raise your blood’s Ph levels and cause indigestion. People with peanut and other food allergies should also be careful about consuming them. On a more positive note, it can help lower blood sugar which is why many diabetics consume it. Hank and Juliano have done a good job branding their product, now they want a Shark’s help taking things to the next level.

My Take on Nature’s Wild Berries

I’d sure like to try these, it sounds interesting making sour things sweet. I wonder why I never heard of them before? I like that they produce everything here in the USA too. We need more of that these days. If they aid in weight loss I’d be interested too. All this good Florida living is packing the pounds on!

The one thing I don’t like is they seem expensive. I  guess you only eat one or two a day, so I suppose they’ll last a while. I’ll probably head over to Amazon and buy some.

Do Sharks like Berries?

The biggest objection the guys will face is Nature’s Wild Berries are not proprietary. There are several other brands out there and the Sharks won’t like that. Unless they’re patent pending process sets them apart from other growers, it could be a sticking point.

That sais, if the ask is reasonable to the Sharks, they could field offers, especially if they’re percieved as “good operators.” I wouldn’t expect Lori or Daymond to make an offer, but Kevin, Barbara or Mark could. They’ve all invested in food products in the past. Kevin would likely want a royalty whereas Mark or Barbara would likely offer for straight equity. If the guys do a deal, it’ll be with one of these three Sharks.

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