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The Avocaderia – World’s First Avocado Themed Restaurant

the avocaderiaThe Avocaderia in Brooklyn dubs itself as “the world’s first avocado themed restaurant. Actually, it’s more of a food stall now, but owners Francesco Brachetti, Alberto Gramigni and Alessandro Biggi hope to grow it bigger with their appearance in Shark Tank episode 920. Francesco discovered avocados when he immigrated from Italy to Mexico and fell in love with both the flavor and health benefits; apparently avocados aren’t available in Italy.

Francesco opened The Avocaderia in 2017 in a food hall that hosts small businesses in Brooklyn. He used New Yorkers love of Instagram to help build buzz. The artfully crafted, avocado-themed offerings at the Avocaderia are akin to a visually appealing feast. Whether its avocado on toast, guacamole, or an avocado salad, the dishes are both delicious and visually appealing.

New Yorkers are going nuts over the place, too. It’s become a trendy place to dine and people love the food. Avocados, besides being yummy, are a very healthy food. Since many people are more conscious of what they’re eating these days, the sustainably sourced avocados at the Avocaderia are an instant hit. Success always fuels growth and Francesco and company likely want out of the food court and into their own space. Avocaderias in every city might be part of the plan too.  Would a Shark want to partner in this unique dining concept?

My Take on The Avocaderia

I like avocados. We have them in some dish about once a week. I frequently make my own guacamole, too. One of my favorite lunches is a BLAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado & Tomato) sandwich. Most of the menu items at the Avocaderia look appealing to me, except the one with brussels sprouts. If we had one in our town, I’d probably try it as I like to patronize local, non-franchise restaurants on a regular basis.

One thing that would bug me is the Instagrammers taking pictures. When I dine out, there’s a no phone rule at my table. Dining is a personal, communal experience in my book. There’s no room for social media while sharing a meal. Don’t like that attitude? Sorry, don’t come to dinner with me then!

Will Sharks Bite on Avocados?

Rohan Oza bid on EveryTable is last week’s episode. They are a restaurant concept, so there’s precedent. Other restaurants did well in the Tank, too. Tom and Chee is a rapidly growing franchise that got a big boost in the Tank when Mark and Barbara invested in them. Others haven’t fared as well, but the right concept at the right time will always interest a Shark – if the deal is right.

In season nine, Oza made his presence felt. He’s often the “target shark” for food and beverage related businesses looking for a deal. His presence adds a level of expertise that wasn’t present on the panel in seasons past. Whether or not he bids on the Avocaderia remains to be seen, but he’s sure to offer some valuable insight to the entrepreneurs.

While I was initially optimistic about a deal for this business, I changed my mind. There is absolutely NOTHING on any of their social media about appearing on Shark Tank. That’s often a sign of no deal. I’ll say it again to entrepreneurs who appear in the Tank: deal or no deal, shout about it from the rooftops! The value of millions of viewers seeing your business is excellent PR.

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