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Home Tattoo Removal

neo mag light home tattoo removal 2Home Tattoo removal sounds like it’s an idea that’s just as bad as giving yourself a tattoo at home. Tattoos are usually put on people in a tattoo parlor, not at home, but there are many people who use primitive tattooing methods at home – usually with less than desirable results. Tattoo artistry dates back thousands of years, but tattoos are entering the mainstream as a “personal fashion statement.” There are even several reality based TV shows about tattoos. In episode 420, tattoos come into the Shark Tank.

Home Tattoo Removal is an Inexpensive Alternative

As long as tattoos have existed, there have been “mistake tattoos.” Whether it’s a poorly executed amateur tattoo or the infamous tattoo professing love for an individual who is no longer part of someone’s life, there are many people with tattoos they just don’t want any more. It used to be covering up a mistake with another tattoo was the simplest and most readily available solution, but the advent of laser tattoo removal technology has changed that. If you want a tattoo removed, you can do it through a series of relatively expensive laser treatments.

Neo Mag Light/Black Magic Tattoo Removal is a home tattoo removal device that appears in Shark Tank episode 420. It’s basically a full spectrum halogen / xenon IPL machine that works on small (business card sized) tattoos; it’s use on large and/or richly colored tattoos is not recommended since even full spectrum laser treatment won’t achieve successful results. At $249, the Neo Mag Light home tattoo removal system is far less than the thousands of dollars laser treatment costs; Neo Mag Light/Black Magic Tattoo Removal  also offers a 1 year, money back guarantee and discounts for military, student, and gang related home tattoo removal customers. The company’s mission is to help folks with tattoos that may impact their ability to get a job or further their careers due to “bad tattoos.”

Is Home Tattoo Removal the Future?

Creating a home tattoo removal product begs the obvious question: why get a tattoo in the first place? Getting a tattoo is uncomfortable: it feels like a continuous series of sharp, pin pricks. Your skin scars and is prone to infection in the days following getting a new tattoo. Many people, IMHO, make some “aesthetically poor” choices in their choice of tattoos.

While a tattoo may seem like a good idea when you are getting it, there are many who regret the permanence of their choice over time and seek out tattoo removal. Whether home tattoo removal becomes a large industry (relative to the tattoo business) remains to be seen, but Neo Mag Light/Black Magic Tattoo Removal  is an innovator in the field.

Will Sharks get Tattooed?

Neo Mag Light/Black Magic Tattoo Removal  makes a compelling case for their product and certainly stands behind its effectiveness with their guarantee, but will the Sharks bite on a home tattoo removal business? The market isn’t as big as the Sharks would usually like to see; they like mass appeal products, not niche products – unless the entrepreneur can demonstrate it’s a large and profitable niche.

The technology associated with the Neo Mag Light/Black Magic Tattoo Removal  might pique the Sharks’ interests if it can be used for other applications. The downside for the device could be perceived liability issues. Home tattoo removal could be risky and cause people to permanently scar their skin. One lawsuit could bring a company like this down. I think it’s a good idea, but I don’t think the Sharks make an offer on this one.


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  1. Still if you can get past the liability issues one would still not be able to reach those hard to get places. In that case this would make a great “on Call” business. Great episode.

    • Rob, I agree great show.
      I think they passed on this one but missed out. removal of bad or old tat’s is a giant money train. they made a mistake imo.

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