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The Brush Hero – Ultimate Detail Brush

the brush heroKevin Williams and Glenn Archer, the guys who invented The Brush Hero, believe the devil is in the details. The two avid bicyclists and car lovers wanted a good way to “bust the muck” that gets on their beloved machines, but there wasn’t a cleaning tool good enough for them on the market. So they made their own.

The Brush Hero is a patented, spinning brush powered by the pressure from a standard garden hose. As it spins, water comes out, washing away grime, dirt and grease. Add a soap dispenser and some of The Brush Hero’s cleaning solutions, and it might just be the next big thing for cleaning up around the house. You can use it in your bathroom too – with the shower head adapter.

Scrubbing away at any dirty surface requires a lot of elbow grease. Unfortunately, that can lead to sore elbows and a less than perfect cleaning job. A basic set includes a soft and stiff brush with the hose attachment. Add-ons include extension wands, soap dispensers and a shower head adapter for indoor use. Williams and Archer hope a Shark wants to help them clean-up when they pitch the product in episode 917.

My Take on The Brush Hero

This is a cool, new take on an old idea. Spinning brush attachments for pressure washers and garden hoses have been around a long time. What makes this product unique is its size and its power. The Brush Hero is a powerful little tool. It’s not designed for washing houses or mobile homes; they made it so the rotating brush heads get into the little spaces. If you ever tried cleaning tire rims, you know there are lots of little holes and crevices that are tough to clean. Brush Hero can fit into those small spots that you may have used a toothbrush for in the past.

This is something I’d like in my own garage. It’s one of those things you wants when it’s car wash day. It’s also good for patio furniture, the grill, even spots on the patio itself. There are other water powered, spinning brushes on the market, but they’re much bigger. The small size and ability to get into small areas gives you that detailed finish other brushes can’t. For that reason, I’m in.

Will Sharks Clean up With Brush Hero?

This product is new and unique. It’s selling briskly on Amazon now, too. It’s also patented. These are all positives when pitching the Sharks. Barring a story of huge debt and mismanagement, I expect some bids. This is a product that would do well in the Home Depot/Lowes/Wal Mart retail environment and this is probably why Williams and Archer are in the Tank in the first place.

Both Robert (Drain Strain) and Lori (FiberFix, Paint Brush Cover, Screen Mend) have home improvement store type products in their Shark Tank portfolios, so I expect bids from both of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they teamed up on a deal either. This season, the Sharks seem to be bidding on more companies and competing with the other Sharks more, so other bids are a possibility as well. Robert or Lori will be The Brush Hero’s new partners when this night is over.

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