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Scott Jordan Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

scott jordan fox newsScott Jordan appeared in season three of Shark Tank in what was, at the time, the highest watched Shark Tank episode to date. It was a wild and entertaining episode. He refused to say the name of his business – ScottEvest – because if he did the producers would have a claim on 5 percent of his business. That contractual language was removed in season four at the request of Mark Cuban who felt good companies wouldn’t come on the show.

Speaking of Cuban, he called Jordan a “patent troll” and the ensuing Twitter war between Scott Jordan and Cuban became legendary. In the ensuing months, Mr. Jordan wrote for the Shark Tank Blog and an online “friendship” developed between him and I. He’s outspoken, intelligent and he’s built a successful business. I enjoyed our conversations, I even wrote the forward to a book he wrote.

Scott Jordan UNfriends me

Scott leans to the liberal side of the political spectrum while I tend to be more Libertarian. During the election in 2016, I engaged in several political discussions with Mr. Jordan on Facebook. We disagreed on literally everything except medical marijuana. I enjoy spirited, informed political discussions. While I don’t always agree with other people’s views, I am willing to hear them out if they extend the same courtesy. Scott Jordan did not.

He had a policy on his personal Facebook page that if you didn’t agree with his politics, he’d UNfriend you. He did this to me – twice. The first time was the fall of 2016 during the election. After the election, he extended the olive branch an re-friended me. One day, I posted a quote from Hillary Clinton  on my Facebook page:

“We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.”

That was Hillary’s response to Trump’s election. Sober, lucid words from a vanquished political opponent, as most would agree. When Scott saw the post, he went ballistic, sending all kinds of wild messages asking if I support the President. When I said “yes,” he unfriended me again!!! I chalked it up to intolerance and didn’t think about it. Most of his Facebook posts are full of self aggrandizing fluff and pictures of his poodles anyway, so I wasn’t losing sleep over it.

Scott Jordan Insults Customers

Jordan and his company, ScottEVest (which he stepped down from last year) advertise heavily on Fox News Network. I always found it ironic that a guy with such left-leaning views would advertise on The Hannity Show. When you own a thriving business selling consumer products, it’s usually a good policy not to piss them off. Unfortunately for Mr. Jordan, he missed that tidbit in Marketing 101 at Case Western. Last Sunday, he posted on his Facebook page that his customers who watched Fox News were “extremely gullible” and “easier to sell.” He then went on to call them unintelligent in a derogatory way (see the screenshot at the top of this page). Not the best marketing strategy by a long shot!

The backlash on social media was immediate and ferocious. Generally speaking people, whatever network they watch, don’t like being called unintelligent. I received hundreds of comments on this post, many of which went unpublished due to their prurient and in some cases hateful language.

Apologies and Denials

ScottEVest, the company, took immediate action, posting this on their website:

he recent offensive and inexcusable social media post by Scott Jordan does not reflect the views of SCOTTeVEST. In 2017, Mr. Jordan stepped down from the management of SCOTTeVEST and he is not involved in our daily operations.

We are extremely sorry for his unacceptable comments. Mr. Jordan’s post was impulsive and inappropriate for too many reasons to list, and rightfully offended so many people.

We strongly disagree with the views expressed by Mr. Jordan.

Jordan himself apologized, too:

scott jordan

I truly believe Scott is sorry, for hurting his sales. He called his statements “humor,” but anyone familiar with his political bent knows that’s how he really feels. While he might temper his online activity for the time being, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. What he did probably hurt his brand, whether it’s a permanent injury or just a blip remains to be seen, but when you publicly insult a group of people, memory is long.

Scott Jordan, meet this bitch: Karma.

About Rob Merlino

Entrepreneur, auteur, raconteur. Rob Merlino is a blogger and writer who enjoys the Shark Tank TV show and Hot Dogs. A father of five who freelances in a variety of publications, Rob has a stable of websites including Shark Tank Blog, Hot Dog Stories, Rob and more.


  1. Don Kessler says

    What a out of touch fool. Hope he loses his customers, People like Scott are closet racist who hate people who think different than he does. I do not see how anyone could work for him or buy anything from his company; I would not give this a penny and feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with him.

    • He’s prob not a racist if he’s a liberal democrat in fact he’s prob mad as hell like the majority of the planet.

  2. Not smart

    • Chris Merkling says

      He is not very smart. Why did he say he promised to be a better #CEO? I thought he had stepped down. Apparently that was a #lie. #ScottJordan, I once thought these seemed liked a good idea, knew you were a lib, but, hey, guess my fam will have to settle for a more family friendly gift; maybe #Arlene’sFlowers is a good place to start.

      • hayward stewart says

        These people never actually step down. They lie,go into hiding until the heat dies down.The American people have short memories and these people know it. Arrogant Sonofabitch that he is doesn’t deserve the success he’s enjoyed .If he were to have said that to me ,I would have beat the hell out of him,but sonofabitches like him pick their spots.

  3. Spending my money elsewhere. HAHA!

  4. My email letter to Scott and then disconnecting him on Linkedin:

    ” . . . Scott,

    I was a great fan of ScotteVest.

    In fact, I have 10 or so of the various clothing products that your company sells. Also, as a matter of record, in 2011, I bought over 100 of the SeV’s for select members of my company as giveaways . . . we are in the building material manufacturing and distribution industry and we appreciate pockets.

    At the time, you were very gracious in several email exchanges and later, in dealing many companies (many billion-dollar enterprises) as I do, I gave your company kudos as being a producer of unique, day-to-day, usable and excellent products. I was even in your corner when the Sharks tried to pull one over on you a few years ago. I thought it great marketing and PR on your part.

    Bottom line: Frankly, I don’t really care about your political affiliation as long as you recognize the views of individuals (your customers). That is called respect for your customers who buy your product, no matter their financial circumstance, gender, religion . . . etc.

    By disrespecting your customer base recently, you have shown your true colors towards your customers and when I have the opportunity to order bulk buy clothing for special occasions in the future for my company, make recommendations to others about giveaways or purchase for friends and family, ScotteVest will no longer be considered . . .”

  5. Annmarie Shannon says

    Couldn’t agree more. Omnipotent in his mind.

  6. Idiot WhoDoesntWatchFoxNews says

    Nice one Scott. Your first post shows who you are. Your second post shows your weasel integrity.

  7. Excellent, Rob. Thanks for this little gem. especially your last line. PERFECT.

  8. Jordan has an ugly mind and soul.

  9. Good luck finding alternative to this deucebag’s so called “technology” He patented almost every aspect of this “invention”. I’m Republican and for one won’t give a two sh*ts about his political views.


    How does the saying go? “Hate the game…”

  10. Jeff Bailey says

    Mr. Jordan,
    Trump won.
    I’ve seen your ad on Fox, and I wouldn’t buy that tacky, POS vest.

  11. So remeber, kids, it is dangerous to post on Facebook while drinking, particularly if you are not smart.
    ScotteVest, R.I.P.

  12. Keiner Ruber says

    BERNE workwear makes a fantastic and durable vest with lots of pockets AND pockets that have MOLLE webbing big enough for an Ipad. No Pajamaboy vest. So he stepped down as CEO in 2017? in 25 day he just suddenly had these beliefs and has nothing to do with the company? BS. Your apology is that of a 5 year old. “I’m sorry you are gullible enough to buy my product.” Next time I drive through Ketchum I hope I see you holding a cardboard sign begging for change in from of the saloon.

    Sadly, this will endear him and his company to the hardcore left who hates anything right of Chairman Mao.

  13. I like your clothing line but do not appreciate your remarks! Scott you ignorant bitch! Cuban was soooo right about you, especially the troll part. Not so gullible here and Trump won the white male 39-53 y.o. vote by a whopping 14%! I wonder how many of those (and their spouses) might have bought clothing from your company? Dumb and dumber! Bye, bye Felicia!

  14. Stephen Copeland says

    Thanks for posting his initial apology. I was looking for it because it was abridged on Facebook. He stereotyped Fox News viewers. Forgive me for stereotyping as well about him and liberals – his apology was classic liberal
    ~sorry for comments about our advertising instead of comments about decent people
    ~sorry my joke was misunderstood
    The company’s apology is how it’s done.
    His apology is signed as CEO but the company’s apology and the article says he stepped down. Something doesn’t add up.

  15. gary boettner says

    People, hurt him where all liberals hurt, take away their power and money. Boycott ScottteVest. Find his product line and hurt any store which carries it.

  16. NotScott Jordan says

    I LOVE the fact that Scott Jordan is finally getting what he deserves…..its FUN to watch this jackass lose it all!

  17. J Alfred says

    I think you’re more sore about him unfriending you. Many of us that debated politics realized it wasn’t worth having “friends” that could never be swayed when they supported crazy nuts like that guy. And providing lucid and sourced points never changed minds, only led to rabid screaming from die hard supporters that still cry about emails from years ago. So unfriending people that can’t have real discussions sometimes loses the fraction of a percent of people that might not be crazy, but just blind.

    So you jump all over him when he laughs at the stupidity of his customers in buying a bad product? I mean, basically Faux News is down to few advertisers like a garbage pillow and selling gold (cause you know, the guys that sell you gold would rather have the $ than the gold, who’s the wrong one there?).

    I find it funny that you pretend not to care while obviously really caring.

  18. Former SeV Employee says

    Due to contractual obligations I’m not revealing my identity or any details of my employment. I will simply say that nothing Scott Jordan did here surprises me at all. I worked fairly closely with Scott and I can tell you that he DOES temper his public persona a little. Yes, this means he is that horrible behind the scenes, hence the “former” employee part.

  19. Marinecoop72 says

    Hey Scott, F%^K you and your company.

  20. I’ll never buy another ScottEvest item ever again. Love Fox News. Would rather spend my money at a more conservative run company. Tata liberal company!

  21. Wouldn’t buy crap from the man. My husband wanted one and I told him find it elsewhere and showed him this further discussion needed.


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