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The Murder Mystery Co.

the murder mystery co.Looking for a thrilling and immersive experience that combines theater, comedy, and detective work? Look no further than The Murder Mystery Co., founded by  Scott Cramton. As pioneers in immersive theater, they’ve been bringing Clue-style comedic capers to guests all across the United States, turning ordinary gatherings into unforgettable murder mystery parties!

The Murder Mystery Co. Knows Its Stuff

With years of dedication to perfecting scripts, assembling a network of talented directors and actors, and delivering top-notch customer service, The Murder Mystery Co. has earned its place as America’s favorite theater company. Their shows transform all guests into sleuths and suspects, inviting them to step into a world of mystery and intrigue for a night they won’t soon forget.

Whether you’re donning a flapper dress or a neon jumpsuit, you’ll fit right into their immersive experiences that break down the walls of traditional theater. And this is just the beginning! They’re committed to creating moments that will be remembered for years to come, providing an opportunity for guests to play an active role in solving a thrilling murder mystery.

Killer Parties

With 66 locations nationwide and over 15 years of experience, The Murder Mystery Company knows how to host a killer party. From small gatherings to large-scale events, they specialize in adding a touch of mystery to any occasion. And with their flexible scheduling policy, they come to you, whether you prefer to host at home or at a venue of your choice.

At a Murder Mystery Co. party, guests work together to investigate the murder, uncovering key clues and interrogating suspects. Professional “Murder-pros” guide the action, ensuring that the plot unfolds smoothly while keeping guests engaged and entertained. With fully costumed hosts and additional props provided, the immersive experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Who’s Suspect?

Whether you’re cast as a main suspect or playing the role of detective, there’s plenty of excitement to go around. Our chosen suspects receive costuming and character profiles, while all guests have the opportunity to analyze evidence and piece together the puzzle of whodunit.

Not sure how to throw a murder mystery party? No problem! The Murder Mystery Co. offers worry-free, hassle-free experiences for groups of all sizes. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, we provide the same level of quality and attention to detail, ensuring that every party is a hit.

My Take on the Murder Mystery Co.

I’ve been to one of these events in Tampa! It was an outing with my wife’s company and it was loads of fun. I wasn’t one of the characters (that was reserved for the employees), but I had a hand in solving the mystery (the boss did it). It’s a great way to enjoy a night out. They have Zoom versions too. Tons of fun. I highly recommend it.

Do Sharks Like Mysteries?

The last time Jason Blum was a Guest Shark, he invested in an “experience” company called Thrill Builders. It’s interesting that he’s a Guest Shark when another “experience” business is in the Tank. My Spidey sense tells me he’ll make an offer, potentially with Mark, who invested in Ten Thirty One Productions back in season 5. That business hosted haunted hayrides and was acquired for an undisclosed amount in 2018.

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