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The Pop-It-Pal Zit Simulator

the pop-it-pal

Summer Pierce, Billy Pierce and Kayla Roof  created the Pop-It-Pal because they have a “unique obsession,” they like to pop zits! They hope the Sharks get a kick out of their hot-selling novelty item that some are calling the next fidget spinner when they present it in episode 1005. The Pop-It-Pal is a small, rectangular silicone vessel that holds synthetic puss. You can pick it up and “pop” 16 pre-made pimples any time you get the urge.

Sounds disgusting, right? Popping zits is something everybody does. It’s often a grooming necessity. Now, it’s a toy. The Pierces came up with the idea while on a road trip and thought it would be a fun product. A year later, they were in production with a peach colored and chocolate colored version of the Pop-It-Pal. They also sell extra bottles of puss in regular and blue glitter colors. 

For twenty bucks, you can have your own Pop It Pal and you’ll never have to worry about finding a zit to pop again. Apparently enough people get a thrill out of this activity because the Pop-It-Pal is selling like hot cakes. The gang hopes the Sharks find their obsession just as unique as they do. 

My Take on the Pop-It-Pal

This is the grossest product ever on Shark Tank in my mind. Why anyone would want this is beyond me, but then I remember two of my daughters are into zit popping. They’re big fans of Dr. Pimple Popper on Instagram. They get a kick out of popping zits!

This past Thanksgiving, they “operated” on my back. For almost an hour they popped zits and blackheads, squealing in delight when they got “a good one.” While my back’s skin was the beneficiary, I still thought their “unique obsession” was disgusting. They washed their hands before dessert! They’re both getting one of these for Christmas. It’s a gag gift but it’s a gift nonetheless.

Will Sharks Pop for some Ca$h?

This product will undoubtedly make for a funny pitch, but I don’t expect an investment. They won’t do a deal not because it’s gross, but because it’s a fad product. Like the fidget spinner, it will have its day in the sun and will likely make the three entrepreneurs millions. Once the craze is over though, they won’t sell much.

Two years ago, fidget spinners were selling everywhere. Now they collect dust on store shelves. While I admire the Pop-It-Pal creators for their wit and ability to seize on a trend, I fear the craze will be short-lived.

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