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Inflatable Solar Light

inflatable solar lightAnna Stork and Andrea Sreshta pitch LuminAID, an inflatable solar light they developed to be able to provide a simple lighting solution to people in crisis due to natural disasters. They witnessed the devastation of the Haitian earthquakes in 2010 and when they were caught in an earthquake in Japan a year later, they realized light was just as important as other resources for the people victimized by these disasters.

LuminAID is a simple, solar-powered LED light that inflates to create more diffusion and luminosity. The inflatable solar light can literally bring disaster victims out of the dark. Left out in the sun for six hours or so, LuminAID lights up without any wires or other power sources.

Folks who aren’t in a crisis can use the inflatable solar light for camping or even as patio lights for an outdoor party. When someone buys a LuminAID for personal use, Stork and Sreshta donate another LuminAID to folks who need it for very real and dire reasons. They literally want to light up the world and they hope the Sharks share their vision in episode 617.

My Take on the Inflatable Solar Light

Season six saw Lumi, another unique lighting solution, get a deal. Season six has also seen several businesses (including Taaluma Totes in episode 617) that give part of their profits back to people in need. Entrepreneurship with a conscience has a very real and important place in the business world. Businesses that can provide a market based solution to serious problems will undoubtedly strike a chord with consumers, particularly if their product is a good one.

LuminAID’s inflatable solar light is a cool product. Creating light is a universal need, whether it’s in a campsite in the USA or in a disaster zone somewhere else in the world. With an inexpensive and durable solution, I don’t see how LuminAID can fail, with or without a Shark. At 15 bucks per light, it’s affordable and useful. If they can turn a profit and continue their philanthropic endeavors, I say more power to them. I am IN!

Do Sharks See the Light?

LuminAID has a solid business. They appear to have some sales and success. Their 10,000+ Facebook fans indicate they have some traction with their message as well. If the numbers stack up, they should field at least one offer. Whether Mr. Wonderful wants a royalty or one of the other Sharks wants to tap the mass market potential, if they want a Shark for a partner, they should get one.

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