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Maxwell Cohen pitches AFreSheet, his line of disposable, waterproof sheets, in Shark Tank Episode 709. Cohen created the patent pending product to combat a common problem: dorm room sheets get dirty quick and laundry is a pain in the butt for college students. Since dorm beds function as couches, desks, tables AND beds, the sheets get dirty quickly. Instead of washing them when they’re dirty (or when a spill occurs), you simply peel off the top layer of the AFreSHeet to reveal another, clean sheet.

The sheets are made from a water proof polyester material so the “eeww” from dirty top sheets doesn’t leak through to the next layer. Each AFreSHeet set comes with seven layers of sheets and costs $29.95. The only size they come in is twin extra long – the standard size for all dorm room mattresses. Cohen is targeting the college market initially, but has plans to market to people with toddlers and incontinent adults.

The business got started in May, 2014 with “friends and family funding.” Cohen’s biggest challenge is creating product awareness. Perhaps a Shark can help Mr. Cohen’s company get a Fresh Start.

AFreSheet Shark Tank Recap

Maxwell enters seeking $100K for 20% of his business. As he describes the various uses of dorm beds, a model spills stuff on a dorm bed and peels off sheets as the Sharks chuckle. Mr. Wonderful is sneering throughout the whole presentation. Max explains how he started the business in college. AFreSHeets are made out of polyester and they’re completely recyclable. He hands out samples.

Robert says it doesn’t feel great and Max replies he’s not competing with Egyptian cotton. He’s sold 400 units at $29.95 each. Robert sees a big market for the product and is surprised Max hasn’t sold more. Max claims he has a lot of interest from summer camps and hospitals. His first big shipment is still in customs, but he doesn’t have any orders yet.

Max invested a little over $12K in the business – all of his Bar Mitzvah money. Mr. Wonderful wants to know if he’s pitched any Big box stores. Max claims he spoke with Bed Bath and Beyond, but they didn’t want to be first out with the product. Max boasts of orders in South African hospitals and ambulance companies, prompting Mr. Wonderful to ask “how big is the South African ambulance market?”

Mark thinks Max is still feeling his way around; he’s out. Mr. Wonderful says he hates it and Max should “take it behind the barn and shoot it;” he’s out. Lori says it doesn’t feel comfortable; she’s out. Daymond doesn’t believe in the concept; he’s out too.

Robert can see the market, but wants to know why people aren’t buying it. He tells Max the fastest way to get rid of a salesman is to tell him what he wants to hear, that’s why he doesn’t have any orders. He’s out too. As Max is leaving the Tank, Mr. Wonderful says “shoot it, Max!”


AFreSheet Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Max sold out of all his limited inventory after the original air date and had an email capture on his website to collect interested customer information. In 2017, after the original air date, he changed the name of the business to Peel Aways and now offers sheets for cribs through king sized mattresses. He also sells a camping version.

Max sells a lot of Peel Aways internationally to health care facilites that struggle with limited water supplies. Since the sheets don’t need to be washed, they don’t need to use excess water or energy. He’s working on getting the product onto cruise lines and making it 100 percent compostable and biodegradable. You can buy the products at Bed Bath and Beyond and on Amazon. In 2019, the company did a $1.3 million seed funding round. As of April, 2023, the company is alive and well and doing better than ever with and estimated annual revenue of $500,000-$1 million.

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