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Bibbitec momtrepreneur Susie Taylor brings her “multi-tasking super bib” to the Shark Tank in episode 413 on February 1, 2013. Taylor created the Bibbitec after becoming frustrated with traditional bibs that were too small and absorbed liquid and spilled food. The Bibbitec is water, stain, and odor resistant and it wipes clean with a standard baby wipe, so it can be used multiple times throughout the day. It’s larger than traditional bibs too, so there’s less of a chance baby’s clothes will get wet or messy from spills. The Bibbitec can be used as a burp cloth, changing pad, breast-feeding shield, full body bib, place mat, breathable stroller blanket, art smock, “lapkin,” and apron. Taylor manufactures Bibbitec in the USA out of high quality, non-toxic, engineered fabric. The bibs come in three sizes: small (mini), for babies; medium (ultimate), for toddlers; and large (smock), for older kids who still get a bit messy sometimes.

Bibbitec in the Shark Tank Recap

Susie appeared along with her husband, Steve. They were asking for $40K for a 14% share in the business. The bib is made from a special, patented fabric and coats about $15 to make. The business has $17K in sales over the past 12 months, mostly from online sales. Mark likes the product, but just thinks the Taylors need a top notch salesperson; he’s out. Barbara thinks other moms would be the best salespeople, but her gut tells her to go out. Kevin thinks it’s a hobby business with terrible margins, he says “take the bib behind the barn and shoot it!” Kevin is out. Daymond and Robert think there’s too much education about the product needed; they’re both out.

Bibbitec Shark Tank Update

In an interview with Susie Taylor, she told Shark Tank Blog that they sold nearly $40K worth of bibs on the weekend the show aired! The Shark Tank Effect drove massive amounts of visitors to their site which converted to a lot of sales. This happens frequently when a product catches the imagination of viewers and they “get it,” even when the Sharks don’t. Susie took her bibs to the New York Baby Show in May 2013 seeking buyers for her product and it appears the company is gaining momentum with discerning moms everywhere.

In July, 2018, Susie closed the business and stopped selling her bibs. She explains her decision here.

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  1. Harry Mueller says

    I love the show but when it comes to baby products the Sharks do NOT understand the market. They are great business people but this market is specialized. Several product presentations recently of baby products were disappointing. The decisions they made on money may have been right, but they really don’t understand the way baby products need to grow thru a strong independent dealer base.

  2. I think these bibs were awesome! they would nake a great baby shower gift. I think she should pair up with other high end products like the shoes and mittens women. I think it’s good that they didn’t get a shark tank deal because the quality always goes down the tubes when they make it the cheapest cheap cheap way possible. I’m bummed that they shut down.

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