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Bottle Breacher

bottle breacherFormer Navy Seal turned entrepreneur, Elijah Crane, pitches Bottle Breacher, his line of unique gifts for guys, in the Shark Tank military special – episode 608. His signature product is a 50 caliber bullet fashioned into a bottle opener, but don’t worry, it’s not live ammo!

Crane started Bottle Breacher in 2012 and started selling the Bottle Breacher from an Etsy shop. All the products are hand-made by Active Duty service members, Reservists, and Veterans. Each Bottle Breacher is powder coated – not spray painted – and the brass is hand polished. Customers can get personal engraving for special gifts.

Crane primarily markets the openers to corporations as promotional items and as groomsmen’s gifts, but anyone can order one from the company website. There are dozens of special, custom designed bottle openers, too. They even made a limited edition, Breast Cancer Awareness Bottle Breacher in pink – I’ve never seen a pink bullet before!

The motivation for Bottle Breacher came from wanting to make something unique out of products Crane used when he was deployed. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of spent 50 caliber bullet shells, but Crane managed to turn something once considered trash into a fun and useful product.

Mr. Crane is likely looking for cash to expand the business and help getting retail distribution. Will the Sharks bite the bullet and fund this business?

Bottle Breacher Shark Tank Recap

Elijah with his wife, Jen, enters seeking $150K for 10% of the business. They explain the product and say they make the best bullet bottle opener on the market. They hand out beer and personalized openers to each Shark. Their cost is $9.03 including labor and say they have a half million in sales with projections for over $800K for the year.

Elijah explains they breach each bottle, hence the name. Lori asks if they can make them from other bullets. Lori questions if some people have a problem with bullets – they don’t. Kevin asks what they need the money for and  they need it for increasing manufacturing space. Elijah explains how he failed the first time he tried for the Navy Seals, but he didn’t give up. He’s done with his military career and now they’re going to focus on the business.

Mr. Wonderful likes the product and offers $150K  for 20%. Elijah wants to hear other offers out of respect for the other Sharks. Daymond offers $200K for 25% contingent on licensing. Robert goes out to “clear the field.” Mark says he’ll go in 50-50 with Kevin ($75K each for 10% each). Elijah accepts!

RESULT: Deal with Kevin and Mark for $150K for 20%

Bottle Breacher Shark Tank Update

Bottle Breacher had some inventory issues following their original air date. There were many unhappy customers who didn’t receive orders in a timely fashion, but they’ve ironed out their issues and are back on track. Bottle Breacher gets an update segment in episode 617.

In the episode 617 update, Mr. Wonderful alludes to the logistical issues Bottle Breacher experienced. They explain their website crashed and they sold 60,000 units after they aired. They went from making 175 units a day to over 1000 and they went from 8 to 32 employees. They’ve done $2.5 million in sales, but they are slow to fill orders. Despite the problems they’re having, it appears Bottle Breacher is on its way.

In a season 7 update in episode 703, Elijah appeared with Mr. Wonderful in Nantucket, where he officiated a wedding ceremony. Mr. Wonderful announced the creation of his “Something Wonderful Platform” where he hopes to package his Shark Tank businesses into a wedding industry sales and marketing entity he wants to grow to the hundreds of millions of dollars. Other businesses present in Nantucket include HoneyFund and Wicked Good Cupcakes. Elijah and Jen say since partnering with Kevin, they’ve done $4.2 MILLION in sales!

The Bottle Breacher story continues in Beyond the Tank episode 107. In July, Eli became a brand ambassador for Sig Sauer, a firearms and ammunition manufacturer.

In July, 2021, Elijah announced he was running for Congress to represent Arizona’s 2nd District.  He said that he plans to criticize the open border policies of Biden, the liberal push for critical race theory education in schools and election security issues highlighted by ballot concerns in Arizona in 2020. In April, 2022, the Cranes sold the business to Mike and Amber Wall for an undisclosed amount. The Walls continue the mission of employing veterans. As of September, 2022, the company has around 35 employees, over $20 million in lifetime sales and generates $4 million in annual revenue.

In November, 2022, Elijah won his race for Congress.

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  1. Darin DeLuca says

    My first purchase experience with Bottle Breacher has been anything but a good experience. I ordered them on 11/24/15 and as of 12/6/15 no notification of shipment and have not received anything. I did inquire about my order on 12/1 and got an Email that was basically a copy and paste of the order and shipping policy no indication that they took the time to check into my order and it’s status. I would say from a customer service standpoint this company gets a D minus at best. I will never order again.

    • I ordered a bottle breached gift box & holder on January 30, 2016. The money got took out of my account, this was my fiancé 50 th Birthday February 6th, which is tomorrow. I still have not received this or can’t seem to find out where my order. I’m pissed.

  2. I placed an order and received it quickly. The product is awesome and my boyfriend loved it! Very unique, great story!!

  3. Hey Darin,
    Did you even check their website to see what their shipping times were? I am so tired of people bashing good companies because the customer didn’t bother to even check to see when their order would be shipped. It’s called CHECK THE POLICIES!!!! Bottle Breacher is great. Have only great things to say about them. My order came quick and they responded to my emails within hours.

    • Initially, Bottle Breacher had problems fulfilling orders – in the direct aftermath of their first appearance. Mr. Wonderful even addressed those issues in an update segment. Sincee then, their fulfillment has been pretty solid.

  4. Hey Y’all!

    Wanted to reach out and give you our contact info. Reach out if you have any questions, comments, concerns or sarcastic remarks. (That’s how I ended every meeting including from my Director days with Target and Chase.) 🤠 My husband rolls his eyes every time I say that now.

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