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Magic Moments Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 5

magic momentsSanford Nelson, Trevor George, and Blake George pitch Magic Moments, a smart phone app that lets people take their smart phone pictures and turn them into products like tee-shirts, mugs, smart phone cases and more. The two Georges are cousins with complementary skills; Trevor is an on demand printing expert and digital marketer and Blake is an MBA and former owner of a digital development company. Sanford Nelson is Trevor’s University of Michigan room mate and a former investment banker.

The three built their business with the help of digital giant CafePress. Their app not only allows people to create and design products for themselves, they can also sell their creations in the “Magic Moments marketplace” and earn commissions on sales.

Magic Moments Shark Tank Recap

Sanford, Trevor, and Blake approach the Sharks seeking a $500,000 investment in return for 15% of their company. Magic Moments is a smartphone app that allows users to take photos from their phones, and seamlessly upload them to CafePress, to print for themselves onto tee-shirts, mugs, and other paraphernalia, or even offer for sale through the Magic Moments Cafe Press store for a commission. Essentially, they’ve streamlined the process of creating and adding merchandise to, a Cafe Press shop for the casual user. Will the Sharks bite on this mobile idea?

Immediately, the Sharks bring up the problems of rights – if a user takes a photograph of another person, they must prove they have obtained a model release before selling the image to the public. Kevin O’Leary questions the valuation of the company, and Daymond John chimes in, telling the trio they don’t have “proof of concept” at this stage; that their idea may be a good one but without solid sales to back them up, they don’t have the foundation they need.

Mark Cuban doesn’t think the app is useful enough to professional photographers. He believes they will simply upload their images to a PC and take the time to offer quality photos to their buyers.

With the questions about intellectual property rights, the too-high valuation, and the doubts as to the usefulness of the app, the Sharks all go out, and the trio leave the Tank without a Shark deal.

Magic Moments Shark Tank Update

The website appears to be inactive for Magic Moments, the app doesn’t seem to be available through the iTunes store, and the social media accounts have not been updated since 2013. While Magic Moments might have been a convenience for some photo-obsessed users, the challenges of protecting intellectual property rights, as well as the questionable convenience of using a phone app for something that’s much simpler to navigate on a PC just didn’t seem to work. The business shut down in December, 2015. This is one Magic Moment that has gone by.

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