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Prank-O (RynArik)

prank-oArik Nordby and Ryan Walther hope to prank the Sharks when they pitch RynArik, a re-named version of their business called Prank-O, in episode 1012, the Shark Tank 2018 Holiday Special. The domain was just purchased in August, 2018 and it redirects to the Prank-O website. The domain name, and business name are a mash-up of the guys’ first names.

Prank-O is an arm of 30Watt, a self-described “alternative humor products brand.” They sell novelty items, but the bread and butter of the Prank-O business is their Prank Packs. These are empty boxes with ridiculous “products” on the outside. You buy the boxes and put a real gift inside, but when it’s first unwrapped, the gift recipient doesn’t know what they’re getting.

Wacky Packs

They products on the box are outrageous, infomercial gone haywire presentations. They have a “My First Fire” gift box that has everything a child could want to start his or her first fire. “Included” in the imaginary kit is an 18 inch fire ring, a poker, 4 endura logs and an 8 ounce fuel can (fuel not included). The child in the picture on the box is staring at the flame with glee and the caption reads “explore the wonders of fire lighting.” Another box features a make your own ear wax candle kit to “create a candle as unique as yourself.”

There are dozens of equally hilarious and absurd “products” in the catalogue. Each empty box costs eight bucks and they’re designed to get a laugh. 30Watt is actually a big business, Prank-O is just a piece of it. They have novelty products in major retailers nationwide and they partner with the Onion, Some ECards, Target and many more. It’s a BILLION dollar business, so they may not need a Shark, but they sure would like to prank them.

Prank-O Company Information

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Prank-O Shark Tank Recap

Arik and Ryan come into the Shark Tank and ask for $75,000 for 15% of “Rynarki,” their company with “innovative products. They hand out boxes of the “products,” then tell the Sharks they are just empty boxes. That’s when they introduce the real business, PrankO, prank gift boxes. Then they tell the Sharks their real ask: $640,000 for 8% of the business. Each box costs 66 cents to make and they sell for $8. They’ve done $10 million in sales since 2013 and this year (2018) they’ll do $2.8 million. They also have $1 million in debt.

Lori doesn’t likethe fact it’s a seasonal business; she’s out. Daymond doesn’t think it’s a stable business; he’s out. Barbara doesn’t like the debt; she’s out. Mark decides to offer $640,000 for 25% of the business and he wants to build out their digital platform. Kevin offers $640,000 for a royalty of 38 cents on every unit in perpetuity with zero equity. The guys decide to take Mark’s offer.

Prank-O Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Mark never closed. The company KILLED it during the pandemic with gag boxes like The Toilet Paper Safe and The Toilet Paper Printer. As of June, 2021, they have a revamped Amazon store. The company continues to expand its line of “pranky” products and as of August, 2023, has annual revenues of $6 million.