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The Pocket Panty

the pocket pantyAshlee Turner pitches The Pocket Panty, her portable panties for women on the go, in Shark Tank episode 1509. Ashlee is used to being an entrepreneur. She ran Sweet Sugar, a candy “lounge” in Los Angeles for a number of years. During that time, she did a lot of running around dealing with catering events.

It was during that time the idea for Pocket Panty came to her. She wanted to be able to change her panties after running around all day  without having to go home. They didn’t need to be fancy panties, just fresh and clean. The existing options were either uncomfortable or too fancy for everyday use, so she decided to design her own.

The panties are available in sizes that accomodate a wide variety of body types. They come in any color you want as long as it’s black. A pair of panties is $10 while a 5 pack costs $45. She also sells a shower cap for $13. Ashlee likely wants a Shark’s help with marketing and customer acquisition.

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Pocket Panty: Empowering Women On-The-Go

The Pocket Panty Shark Tank Recap

Ashlee enters the Shark Tank seeking $80,000 for 10% of her business. She asks the ladies if unwanted flow has ever “left a Picasso in your panties?” Or, you’re out with your friends and you “tinkle a little and are forced to walk around with a ‘leaky Tiki.'” Or, it gets really hot outside and it gets even hotter below. For these moments, she introduces The Pocket Panty.

It’s a quick, discreet and comfortable option for whenever you’re in a “panty pinch.” The Pocket Panty comes individually wrapped in its own packet and it’s comfortable, stylish and re-usable. It’s one size fits most, but a larger size is coming soon. Made for women, by women, it empowers women with an option that avoids stress and humiliation. There’s no need to get your panties in a bunch, Ashlee has your back.

Samples and Questions

The Sharks examine their samples and applaud Ashlee’s presentation. Lori likes the panties as an emergency item and asks if Ashlee did any research as to the need for the product. Ashlee gave out a lot of samples and asked for feedback. Everyone said they’d love to have it in their glove compartment.

Ashlee launched in September, 2021 and sold $8000 worth of panties. Mark asks about her background. When she was in college, Ashlee started working in a real estate company. Once she got her license and became a closer for the agents in her office. She went through a crummy breakup and had to get a smaller apartment. She had a friend tell her she met a guy and decided to spend the night for the first time; she just stuffed some panties in her purse and Ashlee thought that this was her customer.

Let’s Talk Numbers

A pair of panties costs $2.24 in small quantities. They sell for $10. Wholesale is $5. Currently they’re made in China. She sells online, in several boutiques, in all girl private schools, several vending machines. Ashlee says the need is there. Kevin asks why not go out and buy 5 pair of panties and stuff them in a purse. She says as a black woman, she doesn’t get this many opportunities. Since 2018, black women owned businesses have tripled but they only get 0.27% of Venture Capital dollars. She’s in the Tank for all those other black woman owned businesses. Total lifetime sales are $60,000.

Mark asks if she does a lot of social media and Ashlee says it’s not her wheelhouse. Mark says she’s a star with all her great sayings and THAT is what will sell. Lori says there are better people on the panel to help her with this product. She wishes Ashlee good luck and goes out. Robert says she’s a powerhouse, but the aura and energy she projects doesn’t match sales; he’s out. Mark says it’s an impulse buy unless she makes people think about it in advance. Mark says she needs to be selling on social media and since she won’t go there, he’s out. Kevin thinks the product is too expensive and he’s not a panty expert; he’s out. Emma says she really likes Ashlee and it’s maddening that she doesn’t sell it on social media. Any big panty company can duplicate this, it’s not investable for her now, but it could be in the future; she’s out.

The Pocket Panty Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. As of the date of the first re-run of this episode in June, 2024 (6 months after the original air date), the product is not for sale. The website is just a landing page that says: “COMING SOON
WE’RE ENHANCING YOUR EXPERIENCE TO KEEP YOUR BOOTY COVERED!” Social media hasn’t been updated since the original air date either.

The Shark Tank Blog will follow-up on The Pocket Panty & Ashlee Turner as more details become available.