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Pocket Panty: Empowering Women On-The-Go

pocket panty

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, multitasking has become second nature. For women on the go, balancing work, fitness, and socializing often means facing unexpected challenges, and the founder of The Pocket Panty (TPP), Ashlee Turner, knows this struggle all too well. The birth of TPP is a testament to Ashlee’s determination to create a solution that is not only convenient and affordable but also empowers women to embrace life’s unexpected moments without stress or embarrassment.

Pocket Panty: The Necessity that Sparked Innovation

Ashlee Turner’s inspiration for TPP came from a personal need – the desire to freshen up after a workout, run errands, or seamlessly transition from one activity to another without the hassle of changing panties. Her quest for a convenient, comfortable, and affordable solution proved to be a challenge. Existing options either fell short on comfort or were too fancy for everyday use. Frustrated with the lack of choices that met her criteria, Ashlee took matters into her own hands and created one of the first on-the-go reusable panty options – The Pocket Panty.

Destigmatizing Life’s Accidents with The Pocket Panty

TPP goes beyond just providing a practical product; it aims to destigmatize life’s accidents and emergencies. Ashlee envisions a world where women can navigate unexpected situations with confidence and ease. The Pocket Panty offers a quick, discreet, and comfortable solution that is easily accessible, making it a staple for women from all walks of life.

For Ashlee, TPP is a labor of love deeply rooted in her identity as a woman of color and a staunch activist. Her commitment to destigmatizing life’s accidents is reflected in TPP’s mission to empower women to view the occasional need for an on-the-go panty as a natural part of life rather than a source of humiliation or stress.

From Sweet Success to Sweet Sugar: Ashlee Turner’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Before venturing into the world of innovative underwear solutions, Ashlee Turner made a mark in the business world with Sweet Sugar, a candy lounge in the heart of the Melrose Strip in Los Angeles. Known for catering to celebrity parties, baby showers, and awards shows, Sweet Sugar gained widespread success. Unfortunately, ongoing building and construction issues forced Ashlee to close its doors.

Undeterred by setbacks, Ashlee returned to a successful career in sales, consistently ranking among the top performers in every position she held. However, a constant sense of unfulfillment fueled her dream of becoming an entrepreneur once again. This dream has now materialized in the form of The Pocket Panty.

A Vision for Inclusivity and Empowerment

As the founder and CEO of TPP, Ashlee is not merely focused on creating a lucrative business. The Pocket Panty is a manifestation of her dedication to inclusivity, accessibility, and giving back. TPP caters to a diverse range of body types, ensuring that every woman can experience the comfort and convenience it offers.

Moreover, as a woman of color, Ashlee is committed to making a positive impact in economically disenfranchised communities. TPP is not just a product; it’s a vehicle for empowerment and change. Ashlee envisions a future where women in inner-city communities can access affordable and comfortable on-the-go panty solutions.

In conclusion, The Pocket Panty is more than just underwear; it’s a symbol of empowerment, inclusivity, and a testament to one woman’s determination to make a difference. Ashlee Turner’s journey from Sweet Sugar to The Pocket Panty is a story of resilience, innovation, and a commitment to making life a little easier for women everywhere.

My Take on Pocket Panty

Once again, this is a product I won’t use. I usually have a bag in my car with a beach towel, bathing suit and extra shorts, undies and tee shirt for emergencies. This is the same thing. I don’t see why women couldn’t just keep an extra pair of panties in their purse, but who am I to judge?

Do Sharks wear Panties?

I can’t see any of the male Sharks making offers here. Ashlee could also face the “it’s a product, not a company” objection. That said, Emma or Lori could make offers. This could sell on QVC and the price is right. Emma could also bring value.

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