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The Dingle Dangle: A Parenting Game-Changer

the dingle dangleParenting often comes with unexpected challenges, and for new dad Mark Hamilton, a particularly daunting moment sparked the birth of a revolutionary product that is now set to make waves on the hit TV show Shark Tank. On January 12, 2023, Stewart Gold, Mark’s partner in parenting and business, will present their creation, the Dingle Dangle, a hands-free baby toy that has become the “ultimate parenting hack.”

The Dingle Dangle is Born

The idea for the Dingle Dangle emerged from a moment of parental frustration. Mark Hamilton, while changing his wriggly and vocal seven-month-old daughter’s diaper at an airport, realized there had to be a better way. Determined to turn this stressful experience into an enjoyable one, Mark, who owns a technology investment banking headhunting business, embarked on a journey that eventually led to the creation of the Dingle Dangle.

Teaming up with fellow dad-of-two Stewart Gold, an American residing in the apartment above Mark’s, the duo transformed a simple concept into a multifunctional, hands-free baby toy. Stewart, a former lawyer for 11 years, was intrigued by the idea, especially with his wife expecting their second child. The Dingle Dangle is not just a distraction during diaper changes; it’s a versatile parenting tool.

What Is It?

The Dingle Dangle, often referred to as the “ultimate parenting hack,” resembles a colorful octopus mobile worn on the head of the parent. While it undoubtedly grabs attention, the creators emphasize its functionality. Stewart Gold jokingly mentions people coming up to them, saying, “It suits you.” But beyond the humor lies a practical and inventive solution for parents.

Inspired by the art deco style of Stewart’s hometown in Miami Beach, Florida, the Dingle Dangle serves multiple purposes. It transforms into a portable mobile that clips onto a crib, a cute pufferfish rattle, and a silicon teether. The toy is anchored by a sensory stick with three different fabrics for babies to touch and interact with, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience.

The Dingle Dangle Prototype

The journey to the final product wasn’t without its share of experimentation. Mark recalls the early days of crafting prototypes using unconventional materials like coat hangers, GoPro straps, and soft toys. However, these trials ultimately led to the creation of a sleek and functional parenting tool.

The product, despite its quirky appearance, has already gained attention and is flying off the shelves. Mark expresses his excitement about the product’s success and hints at plans to sell it abroad and potentially create more baby toys in the future.

In The Press

The Dingle Dangle has also garnered positive reviews from the press, with Made for Mums praising its versatility and the surprising ways it can be used. STEM Geek recognizes its educational value, citing its contribution to spatial awareness and sensory stimulation for babies. Money Magpie describes it as a “totally new and unique baby toy/parenting toolkit,” and The Parenting Daily highlights its interconnectivity, making it one of the most versatile nursery products on the market.

As Stewart Gold prepares to step into the Shark Tank spotlight on January 12, 2023, it’s clear that the Dingle Dangle is not just a parenting accessory but a game-changer in the world of innovative baby products. The journey from frustrated diaper changes to a successful appearance on a nationally televised show is a testament to the creativity and determination of two dads who dared to dream beyond the ordinary. The Dingle Dangle is poised to make a splash on Shark Tank, leaving an indelible mark on the parenting world.

My Take on The Dingle Dangle

My diaper changing days are over, but they are still fresh in my memory. Had this been available when my five kids were in diapers, I’m sure we would have had one – we had every baby gadget imaginable in those days! It’s a fun toy and it makes dads (and moms) look a bit silly, but it seems it was well recieved by both press and public. They even raised $5,040 on IndieGoGo in October, 2022, to get things rolling.

Wil A Shark Dangle a Deal?

This could be one of those “product not a company” pitches, but Stewart has a shot at an offer. Stewart and his partner Mark have hinted that they may develop other baby related products. I don’t think Mark, Kevin or Daymond will bite, but Lori and Candace might. Lori could see that it’s one of those easily demonstrated products and try selling it on QVC. Candace says she “invests in people” so she could make an offer if she likes Stewart. We’ll see if Dingle Dangle sparks a Shark’s interest.

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