Shell Bobbers Update Interview with Jeff Stafford

There is a Shell Bobbers update segment in episode 509 in season 5 on October 25. Shell Bobbers is one of those simple, little products that catches on and makes someone rich. In this case, entrepreneurs Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway hooked a Shark when Mark Cuban invested in their fishing bobbers made from shot-gun […]

Wicked Good Cupcakes Update

I met up with Tracy Noonan at her Cohasset, MA location to get a Wicked Good Cupcakes update. Tracy and her daughter,  Danielle Desroches, struck a deal with Mr. Wonderful in Shark Tank season four; they got $75K and gave him a $1.00 royalty for every cupcake sold until his investment was returned, then $0.45 for […]

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