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Elephant Harem Pants

harem pantsJames Brooks and Nathan Coleman hope their comfortable harem pants with elephants on them are the business that breaks the $100 million threshold in Shark Tank episode 818. Mr. Coleman fell in love with harem pants while visiting Thailand and came home with a bunch. Most of them have elephants all over them, so he decided to create a socially conscious business around the pants which he calls Elephant Pants.

He donates one dollar from each sale to organizations that protect elephants. Since beginning the business with a successful Kickstarter campaign, he is selling harem pants like crazy. In addition to harem pants, they sell robes, tunics, shirts, and accessories. They all have – you guessed it – elephants on them.

Elephant Pants imports their products. They didn’t re-invent the wheel, they just introduced a new style to the American consumer. They have a lot of sales, so elephants can breathe a little easier!

My Take on Harem Pants

Back in the 1980’s, medical scrubs were fashionable for a while. People liked the airy comfort of the pajama-like pants and tops. Or maybe they wanted people to think they were a doctor? No, it was the comfort. Harem Pants offer a similar level of comfort. The fact that Elephant Pants have elephants all over them gives them a cool and somewhat kitschy appeal.

People probably like them for several reasons: comfort, appearance, and the elephants. Who wouldn’t want to save elephants, even if it meant looking like a Thai circus performer?  Seriously, I like the look and I am sure they are comfy. For that reason, I’m in.

Do Sharks like Elephants

Elephant Pants has a good shot at breaking the $100 million threshold. The reason: sales.  They have roughly $3 million in sales – that’s a LOT of pants! Sharks like sales numbers like that. Several Sharks could make a bid.

Robert may see them as similar to Tipsy Elves and Happy Feet, two companies with quirky clothing products and solid online sales. He could bid. Daymond – the fashion Shark – might see a good brand he can help grow. Mark, Kevin and Lori will certainly like the numbers.

I think we’ll see multiple bids and an accepted offer. The only thing is, will Elephant Pants be the company that breaks the $100 million threshold?

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