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Hand Bag Rain Coat – Protecting the Purse

hand bag Rain CoatCousins Morgan and Arley Sarner invented the Hand Bag Rain Coat to protect their expensive fashion hand bags. With some handbags costing thousands of dollars, like Louis Vitton Handbags, they are an item people want to protect! The two cousins love going into New York City and flashing their fashion, and that includes pricey designer handbags. Inclement weather causes many women to break out “bad weather bags,” but weather is unpredictable. An unexpected downpour can ruin quality leather bags. They’ll pitch their solution to this problem in Shark Tank episode 1006.

Morgan and Arley recount some humorous stories about women doing anything to protect their hand bags. Some women shield them with their umbrella, others stuff them inside their coats Imagine seeing a smartly dressed women walking into a New York lobby with her designer clothes all wet and her newly minted hairstyle all disheveled, all in the name of keeping the handbag dry.

The cousins had similar problems and wanted a solution that was fashionable and functional. They played around with the idea while still in college. Their first prototype was a shower curtain! After Morgan worked five years in the fashion industry at Rebecca Minkoff , they launched their product in 2015 and got a lot of press. Two years later, at Paris Fall Fashion Week 2017, it poured the entire week. The Hand Bag Rain Coat got a lot more press and visibility.

Now the cousins take their invention into the Shark Tank. Each Hand Bag Rain Coat fold into a small, convenient carrying pouch that fits in a hand bag. They come in several different colors and styles and accommodate hand bags of all sizes. They’re anywhere from $11-$25 and they are quickly becoming a piece of fashion with a lot of function. The ladies hope to partner with a Shark(ette) that will help them get to the next level. Will a Shark want in on this product?

My Take on The Hand Bag Rain Coat

The Hand Bag Rain Coat is a clever, practical and functional idea that I’ll never use. I’m a guy and I don’t carry a hand bag. Even if I did, I wouldn’t spend three grand on one! As a father of four daughters, each of whom own a few expensive hand bags, I get it. My girls cherish their Louis Vitton and God knows what other brands they own. They’d probably want one of these – if they don’t already have one.

This is kind of like buying a cover for your grill or even your car. When you spend a lot of money on something you want to last, you’ll spend a little extra to keep it safe. Thriftier types might just carry a plastic trash bag for rainy days, but that doesn’t look cool or fashionable. The Hand Bag Rain Coat looks good for people who want to. I’m not buying it, but women like my daughters will.

Do Sharks Come in out of the Rain?

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this product is airing on a night with three Sharkettes. This is not something most men would completely understand or even care too much about (unless they’re paying for the handbags). While sales figures and the attitude of Morgan and Arley will impact negotiations, I can’t see Kevin or Mark getting involved unless the numbers are HUGE.

My first instinct is this is a total Lori product. The Hand Bag Rain Coat is inexpensive, functional and appeals to women who own hand bags – which is a LOT of them. Sara Blakely is in the fashion business already, though not “high fashion,” so she may bring value to the table. Barbara cut her teeth in New York and knows the fashion scene there – where the product was born, so she too may have an interest.

I think Lori believes this is a “hero,” so I think she bids, but i wouldn’t be surprised to see her team up with another Sharkette – like Sara.

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